HIBIKI International Guide Tour Report 12/14 | HIBIKI activity report
December 16, 2014 10:34:41

HIBIKI International Guide Tour Report 12/14

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Hi there!Thank you for visiting Meijijingu shrine.

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Hi Georgeanna,
Mike, Annie and Chris . Thank you for visiting Meijijingu shrine. Did you enjoy your Japan tour?

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1st Report from Matsu-chan (Guide M)

I guided two women who were from Hong Kong. It was 4th day in Japan, they said. During we stay, we have been to Ueno, Shinjuku, and purchased a lot of things(as souvenir).
During a Guide tour, buying a lucky charm, worshipping for Meoto-Kusu. The reason why we two were both single, so we want to get a chance to meet soul mates", they were saying,
At that time. The wedding parade went thourgh the hall of worship, they were impressed when they watched a traditional japanese wedding. Bride dressed all in white ・・・・・very beautiful!

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Next, guide M-San report.

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最後は私(ガイド O)のガイド風景を紹介いたします。

1st, family came from Malaysia who were just arrived in Japan last night. It was the first time for them to visit to Japan. They were 6 people. Dad & Mama, three children, the oldest child was a daughter who could speak english very well. so I asked her translate my explanation about Meiji Jingu shrine to bahasa Malaysia for their family.

2nd, two couples came from San Francisco, Calf. USA. It was their first time for visiting to Japan too.
As usual, I explained who was dedicated to this shrine. history, this shrine was built by nationwide people as volunteers, shrines area 170 acres approxi.
Sometimes, I am asking some question for them. What is the difference between the temple and shrine? ・・・Do you know how many shrines does Japan have? etc・・・・・・・
And I always give them today's topic "You may be able to see a traditional japanese wedding parade"
Their reply. Wow!What a beautiful!when they watched a sacred Japanese wedding parade. Were you worth visiting here?



Hi everyone. Thank you for Joining our guide.

2014・12・14 ガイド 7名

U.S.A      4

Germany    5

Australia    2

Malaysia    6

Hong Kong   2

Singapore   7

Canada     1

 TOT     27