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2009-08-21 23:20:52

Apple stops production of new Nano and touch

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Strange things are happening with Apple and China factory and market. We thought that China Unicom had a deal, and now nobody is talking. Last month one of 16 prototypes of iPhone 4G candidate was missing. One of the workers searched committed suicide to say he was innocent. No one knows where that prototype is.

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from TMZ Scoop. Jobs walking at Apple campus to car , 3pm, July 30th 2009, picture has no relation to article. 写真は文書と関係ありません。

This relates to the 2009 September 2nd or 9th planned announcement of the new Nano with Camera and iPod touch with Camera. Just got a call from China. Don't know what is going on but Apple or actually Foxcon stopped the production of the new nano and touch. What does this mean? It means a few things :

1) problem with manufacturing (bad component or PCB assembly etc...)

2) a sudden planned design change to weed out the already in production 3rd party products for the nano and touch. Notice this cannot be a simple faceplate or rear plate change as camera positionis predefined in the PCB.

3) Steve's decision and nobody may know why...

Boss is back. Anything can happen now... Maybe something upset him and he just said "stop everything".

Also to note is the large scale destruction of high tech parts in Taiwan when the big typhoon and flood hit. I for one was told that my products may delay if Taiwan cannot cough up the parts from other Taiwan or Japanese factories.

Also Apple has never set a date for anything into the public calendar.

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pic from

One thing I can tell you, he would never allow a 80's look on something so important as an 64bit OS. No this is not NatGeo.

中国から電話があった。中国工場筋によればFoxconは新型nanoとtouchの生産を一時的にストップしたそうだ。大きな変更か?それともバグ抜きか? 中国生産現場管理の難しさが見えてくる。