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Ten Streetwear Brands Making the Best Fashion Logo.
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With the seasonal heat wave in full swing, we've rounded up which sneakers to pair with each of your shorts styles to keep your summer ’fits on point.
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Lately, whether at VFILES Fashion Week ragers, art openings at The Hole or Coachella pool parties at The Ace, you can't help but notice cool kids in t-shirts, hoodies or beanies that riff on high fashion labels. Although logo parodies have always been a big part of the streetwear aesthetic, th..

A turnaround of the company devised in the late 1980s made Gucci a global contender and a notable fashion label. In October 1995, Gucci went public and had its first initial public offering on the AMEX and NYSE for $22 per share. November 1997 also proved to be a successful year as Gucci acquired a watch license, Severin-Montres, and renamed it Gucci Timepieces..

A Guide to Pairing Your Sneakers With Your Shorts


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