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Do you know that the un-clean scalp will increase your hair loss?
And do you ever notice every time you’re stressed your scalp become denser, harder and vice versa? ...
If you are looking for solution for the perfect therapy not only for relaxing but also helping treatment from the inside out:
From shampoo to specialized head massage and hair treatment, we offer you the best healing-spa experiences.
Our massage therapies are all aiming for one thing: to improve the blood circulation of scalp and head-area, then the rest of the body will feel lighter and relaxed.

We have various courses available.
You can choose from Therapy area: Head Spa only to Head-to-Toe Spa;
from healing purposes; or even time-limited courses: 40mins, 60mins, 80min and 120mins…

Please feel free to contact us:
Opening hours: 11:00 to 19:00 closed on Tuesday.

*Reservations via e-mail cannot be made within 3 days of the appointment date.

We look forward to serving you.


With the head spa
In massaging the scalp
I feel healing of the brain to be
I promote the blood circulation
The body becomes light, too
There is the lift up effect, too
Comment from a visitor
I came by sightseeing in Japan
Could be relaxed very much, and was comfortable; if come to Japan again, want to do it by all means

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