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When is it coming out? I'll be on the edge of my seat til then

A less funnier version of But I'm a Cheerleader.

this movie is fire

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The scene which he tries to reach to a brush has really no sense , its like he did it on purpose so the police shoots him , I haven't watched the movie yet but couldn't they make that scene more realistic like his phone is ringing and he grabs it , like why on earth did he want to grab a brush ???.

The fact that chloe grace moretz portrays a lesbian and shes like my all time crush for celebs is A1

😱😱😱 This be gay

ohmygod. i tried reading this book before and now it has a movie???? with my gay crush chloe moretz ksksksksk

Amazon Best Books of the Month, September 2011: We The Animals, Justin Torres's sparse debut novel, is brimming with delicate stories of family, of growing up, of facing reality, and of delaying it. Narrated by the youngest son of a Puerto Rican father and white mother from Brooklyn raising their three young sons in upstate New York, the novel is comprised of vignettes detailing moments spent..


i just watched this, and hands down the most powerful movie i ever seen; i cried the whole way through. It has a story that defines the world we all live in and it’s an amazing movie. 10/10 would recommend..

I need this like. Now

Whats the soundtrack? 😍
Just watched this movie. It nearly left me in tears and I never cry during movies. It was rlly moving


Nothing can amount to the level of perfection of this book, but I'm exited to see this!
😍 We the Animals (9780547576725): Justin Torres.
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totally relatable
I thought the thumbnail was Leonardo DiCaprio

I watched this and it was amazing

I wish people would stop this what’s the point of making fun of someone for being dark skinned it’s not something they choose half of my school is white and in my bus a lot of boys make fun of my brother for being dark skinned what’s wrong with that i honestly wish racism would stop.

Haven't seen the movie yet but the trailer made an impact. Now there's this need to see this beautiful story.
This movie just hit me deep inside and snatch my heart all the way to venus.
the song tho?
Men don't cry, I'm a man but please this movie broke me down.. Powerful movie well balanced
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