Chiefs AT Texans

Chiefs 42-34 Texans

Texans who won the championship with Chiefs who was in 4 consecutive wins from the opening season and 57 points in the Titans last week.
Sunday Night Football!

Match details

People injured from the start

To the game where the injured person comes out from the first kickoff return.
Terrell who went to the block got anguished at the opponent 's legs and came to think.
Unpleasant air flows.

After that, how the Texans symbolic JJ Wat broke the knee bones.
To the hospital with an ambulance as it is.
Season out is decided by subsequent diagnosis.
Fans in the Texans Home also have tears scenes.

TE Chiefs Keelayer TE Chelsea is also in the middle of the game.
I will return to pitch once, but I will not participate in the final stage of the game.
It became a game with very many injured people.

13 th year vs 1 year QB confrontation!

December Watson of Alex Smith and rookie in the thirteenth year.
Watson earned weekly MVP on 4 TD Pass and 1 TD Run last week. Sabaji's making is not good in the opening game, and it has started from the second week.

Both will move and leave their pockets, but Iwami Tomoyasu, commentator, said,
Because Watson can throw a long pass, finding a target until the end will delay a little judgment.
Since Smith originally does not have a long pass, it seems that judgment of what you can do is quick.
got it~

I think that experience is perhaps that, but Smith is an impression that he did truly mistakes and was performing a versatile play call brilliantly.

Moreover, it was a story of whether Chiefs corresponds to the exercise in the case where the target is not found and the play collapses.
There certainly was a lot of scenes where Smith successfully found the target after successfully leaving the pocket by himself and makes the pass succeed.

It is a big difference whether you can gain gain over there.

The fourth quarter is a meeting of points!

Since Chiefs scored points at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the game went on at the end in the situation where the point gap opened, but the teams of Texans attacked from there.

TD path of 48 yards to Fuller, TD pass to Hopkins etc. 5TD pass after finishing.
Of course I think that there is the power of the receiver, but the 4th quarter was circulating through Bang Bang Pass!

For Chiefs, a strong rookie 's CALM HUNT on the 4 th quarter earned lanyards and this week more than 100 yards.
It is 607 yards and still stands at the top.

There was also an activity of the rookie and it was a game with many highlights to the end.

Chiefs continues this week's defeat from the opening.
Chiefs are the only one who can not lose in the league.

Where will it cease?
It is attention!