NFL 2017 opening

Good evening.

Today was the opening game of NFL, Chargers vs Broncos.

Commentary is Tomoyuki Inoue.


Really refreshing.

I will be with you for the first time in the pre-season, and I have been teaching various things at CM and half time.

He was from Waseda University and he was challenged for arena football and NFL in the USA, and the body size is world class! !

I absolutely wanted to tell the size, I got another one to take a picture of the whole body.


I think I understand a little bit why a woman is attracted to a man with a big height. Lol

It does not mean strange.
I am longing for simple simplicity. Lol

Will the chargers overturn 17 points on the fourth quarter?

Although it was an extremely harsh development, Broncos was sticky and triumph.

As the Mike McCoy Attack Coordinator was the former HC of Chargers, the QB semian was playing a rhythmic attack.

Mr. Inoue was also talking, but after all it was interesting that he knew the pattern of the defense and the characteristics of the athlete when he was last year's HC, so it's easy to attack.

Last season was lots full,
I would like to enjoy more sports this year is loved in this USA.

I will try hard so that I can use it again!