The home game of the F league is over!

Good evening.

On Sunday, the home game of Fuchu Athletic FC this season is over.

Victory wonderfully won Vasaji Oita, decided to enter the playoff.

Although it was held jointly with Machida, I think that it was really nice to have decided to enter the playoff in the last home game!

Machida supporters also supported us together,
I really felt Machida's supporters were good people.

Personally, three seasons have passed this year, let me do MC of Asure.

It is a feeling that it has been three years since unexpectedly let me do the futsal thing in a state I do not know.

This season,
I personally made a goal.

That goal is,

"I want to make it somehow a brilliant arena for children!"

It is like that.

The cheering cheerful power of children wanted to be an arena which pushes the backs of nature and the players.
And as the children pushed them, adults also seem to be cheering for athletes,
I thought that I wanted to be such an arena.

There were a lot of kicks that came to think so, but one reason I thought so was memories of my childhood.

When I was a child, I grew up in a family of football stupid, I often visited the Urawa Reds home game Komaba stadium.

I think that it was a truly blessed environment when I thought from now, but at that time I did not consider such a thing at all, I was immersed in cutting and dispatching the newspaper.

I think that it is banned now at the stadium, but at that time he was chopping up the newspaper separately and throwing it at the time of a goal.

Before going to the game, it was fun to prepare with brothers and cousin and throw at the moment of goal!

I do not know if such memories have a direct influence, but that fun memories are clearly left in me somewhere, and I am doing the work of football now like this now.

I think that the key to how much such overwhelming feelings can be left to the children today is the key to making Japan's football even stronger and more enjoyable.

Whether you have been crazy about football when you are a child. When the children become adults, they will be involved with football in some way!
How many such children can be increased.
That is our important work!

Unlike in the past, there are many teams that can go for support immediately.
Even without being blessed like myself, it is an era where you can go to the stadium and arena to cheer.

Athlete is invited by local children's clubs to support each game.

Did they enjoy messing with themselves?

Were you enthusiastic about 40 minutes after seeing futsal for the first time?

When I thought so, I could not say yes with my own!

Children are simple.
Elementary school teachers also let me do it, I felt painfully so much about that.
Because it is simple, it will not come again if it's boring, and absolutely enthusiastic if you enjoy it!

I was convinced of it.

So, this year around Usuza

"Support the children ~"

"You can make more voices!"

I continued talking to the children.
It might have been pretty annoying if it was from general customers and those who cheer up for Athlet for a long time. There must have been a sense of incongruity without a doubt!

However, although I feel sorry for self-praising, I feel calm,

There were many matches this season that I felt that the children got caught out loud and got into the power of the players.

Beyond what I thought at the beginning of the season,
The power of the child was great.
Adults will not go back.
It will not change.

Should I enjoy it ~
Should I be enthusiastic?

If I thought about it, I was really pushing the backs of the players.

From players as well
"I can not lose it in that atmosphere of the home"
I got to hear the comment called.

Children's voices are expensive and pass well, so they should definitely reach the players as well.

For me,
This year I won I have been happier than I lost.

That is what I got a messy cute girl who will report to me after every fight!



"Have you heard my voice?"

Begin with

"I can not go on an athletic meet next week"


"My voice withers out today"

We will report after each game, etc.

The report after the final round

"All the matches I came are winning! Is not it amazing?"


It was the best comment.
It is a picture of that moment!

They will surely make Japan's football more powerful and fun! It is!

It was the Athlet home game of the season which made me think about such a thing.

Last but not least, thank you for all the supporters who have adapted to my messy call!

Playoffs, All Japan Championships, let's win!