tanslated from Japanese newsletter KOHO.


City Hall, schools and public facilities

City Hall and each area city hall

From March 16th, we will open the civic affairs section, tax payment section, health benefits section and Naruko city hall.

Other section openings will be decided based on the restoration situation.

As for the pending tax reporting, we will let you know when we start.

Kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, community centers and educational facilities

These facilities will be closed until they are deemed safe. Graduation ceremony schedules will be communicated from the individual schools.

City events

All city events scheduled to occur before April 10th, will be cancelled or postponed. There will be further notification.

Public or registered daycares for kids

Available only in the mornings.

Children’s Hall and children’s center

Available from 7:30 to 19:00.


People Search

We are still in a difficult situation regarding contacting families and friends. Please use the telephone network bulletin boards or internet service.

docomo: http://dengon.docomo.ne.jp/Etop.cgi?es=0

softbank: http://dengon.softbank.ne.jp/pc-e1.jsp

au: http://dengon.ezweb.ne.jp/E/service.do

NTT emergency messaging service: http://www.ntt-east.co.jp/saigai/news/index.html

Miyagi Police Missing Information: 0222212000


Osaki citizens’ hospital is available but will be crowded. As more electricity is restored, more hospitals will become available.

Temporary housing

We are working on preparation.

Gas and others

It seems that the current shortage period will be a long one. Please conserve.

Disposable diapers, baby formula, and others

Please ask the disaster countermeasures office or each area city hall.

House damage certificates

Damage certificates

Applications for house damage certificates can be submitted to the disaster countermeasures office for the Furukawa area, and in each area’s city hall for other areas.


To get Information

Information board is set up in front of the disaster countermeasures office and each area’s city hall. Also, our sister city, Tobetu Town has information on their website (cell phone friendly website).



At F-Plaza, the disaster volunteer center was set up. Please feel free to visit to offer help or if you need some help.


To prevent further incident

Watch out for fire, thieves and mis-information .

Since many aftershocks continue to occur, please take care of yourselves.

ヘッドフォンOsaki Emergency Disaster FM Radio (frequency: 79.4MH): Three times per day, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM. You can catch information in Osaki City.