Translation from Japanese newsletter, KOHO.

Osaki Newsletter (Koho)

Disaster/Restoration Information

March 11th, around 2:45PM, the biggest earthquake ever in Japanese recorded history occurred, and the Tohoku and Kanto regions were seriously damaged. Immediately, Osaki City set up the Disaster Countermeasures Office in the North Meeting Room of City Hall, and has been doing its best. As of March 14th, there were 13 minor injuries, 5 severe injuries, 4 fatalities and 7 missing people confirmed. There are 85 demolished houses, 41 half-destroyed houses, and 249 partially destroyed houses have been confirmed, and about 10,000 people live in the emergency centers.

Let's join our efforts, and get through this crisis.

Issued: 2011/03/16

Osaki City Disaster Countermeasures Office

Tel: 0229-24-9990



Water supply was restored by 15th in Furukawa area. In Nakuko and Iwadeyama areas, supply from the Water Distribution Facility was restarted, but the supply is not stable, for the electricity or water source situation. In Matsuyama, Sanbongi, Kashimadai and Tajiri areas, the restoration will hopefully be completed in some areas on the 18th at the earliest, but as late as the 28th in the other areas. There will be temporary water service at Matsuyama city hall, Sanbongi city hall, Kashimadai Kamata Kinen Hall and Tajiri city hall, from 7AM to 9PM.


Since March 13th, electricity restoration in Furukawa area has begun. The restoration procedure needs safety confirmation, so expect slow progress. Also, generating stations got damaged, so complete restoration will take time.


Natural gas supply is available.


In front of North Meeting Room of Osaki City Hall, 10 satellite phones have been set up for free public use.

In front of Osaki City Hall (main building), NTT Docomo has been offering free cell phone charging.

Closed roads

Shidabashi (between Furukawa & Matsuyama), Tsukanome-riku-bashi


City buses (Shimin bus) won’t be operating until march 18th. Other forms of public transportation either won’t be operating or will be operating on irregular timetables.

Household garbage

Collection started on March 14th. As for recyclable garbage, collection started except in the Furukawa and Sanbongi areas.

Rubble (except air-conditioners, TVs, washing machines, dryers, fridges and PCs )

Please bring to the following sites:

Furukawa: Ex-prefecture office site in Furukawa Ekimae 2 chome (behind NTT building)

Matsuyama: Ekimae Ex-municipal house site, KAIYO center

Kashimadai: Ex Kashimadai Shogyo high school site

Sanbongi: Koori 推路山内

Iwadeyama, Naruko and Tajiri: (to be determined)

Human waste disposal

Emergency collection only (probably means if your septic tank is full, only).

Sewage line

Without electricity, system can’t work. Please conserve water.

Crematorium (Saijo)

Furukawa , Matsuyama and Sanbongi crematoriums are available.

ヘッドフォンOsaki Emergency Disaster FM Radio (frequency: 79.4MH): Three times per day, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM. You can catch information in Osaki City.