Miyagi Osaki Earthquake Infomation

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Please refer to Osaki City Newsletters (issued on March 16th) too!
Osaki City Newsletter (KOHO) Part1: http://amba.to/eIgP5o
Osaki City Newsletter (KOHO) Part2: http://amba.to/fNo7sx
오사키 뉴스 레터 (Koho): http://amba.to/i5QDry

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【People Finder Form】

If you looking for someone, this website might help you.

safety information input form:


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【Situation in Osaki City】

Medical Info: Osaki citizens hospital is available but crowded. Only first aid, such as disinfection is available at Minshu hospital, Minshu hospital, Miura hospital, Katakura hospital, but only daytime.

Dialysis treatment is available at Eijinkai hospital.

Sato hospital and Midorigaoka hospital are closed.

Electricity: Out of seivice. Tohoku Denryoku is restoring with safety. (Mar.12 12:36)

Water: There are some water supply points. See below (Mar.12 15:39). Partially water supply(Mar.12 12:47).

In Nakuko and Iwadeyama area, pressure of water is getting low(Mar.12 11:30).

Gas: gas supply is available(Mar.12 20:00).


In Osaki City Hall parking lot, NTT brought free public phone(13th 18:42).

In front of North Meeting Room of Osaki City Hall, 10 satellite phones are available(13th, 18:00).

Telephone is a little bit working(Mar.12 14:56). Via internet is better (such as emails, twitter, facebook, and Skype) Wide area in Osaki, 119 calls didn't work(Mar.12 11:00).

Evacuation: See below. Soup kitchen was at Yasaka Shrine(Mar.12 10:00).


Route47 seems only one route to bring in aid supply. Route4 might be dangerous. Osaki city doesn't have enough information, we appreciate your information from outside of Osaki area(Mar.13th 19:29).

Closed roads: Shidabashi(betwn Furukawa&Matsuyama), Tsukanome-bashi(Furukawa)(Mar.13th 18:00).

In Furukawa area, some roads didn't get any damage(Mar.12 21:30). Roads are rough but driving is OK. Some parts are defficult to drive(Mar.12 12:10).

In Osaki City Hall parking lot, NTT brought free public phone(13th 18:42).

In front of North Meeting Room of Osaki City Hall, 10 satelite phones are available(13th, 18:00).

-If your area electricity is available, please save on it as much as you can.

How-to-save electricity websites (in japanese)
http://www.sloth.gr.jp/a-down/knowledge/ , http://yashima.me/

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-Twitter hashtag is #miyagi_oosaki and #save_miyagi .

-If you are looking for someone, please input the safety confirmation form below.

-A volunteer made a website(in japanese) to gather twitter infomation for each area.

(earthquake observation=3/11 14:56)

Aid supply: XEBIO (sports store) will supply gloves, tuques, shirts for free on 14th, in their parking lots in IzumiChuo, SendaiNagamachi and Furukawa.

Information below is from Toubetsu City (Hokkaido) Website


English info: http://www46.atwiki.jp/earthquakeinfo_en/pages/16.html#id_4f6951c2

Osaki City has been investing citizens' house condition. Please follow the colour of the stickers:

RED: DO NOT enter the building. If you must, please contact a structural engineer first.
YELLOW: Please beware of risk. If you need to fix some damaged parts, please talk to structural engineer or builders.
GREEN: The house damage is minor you can stay in house.

Information as of 12th 20:00-----------------------

【City Office reception desks】

Only available for civil registration matters.

【Garbage collection】
No garbage collection is not available (from 14th to 18th).The disposal center is out of service, because of black-out.

Keep garbage at home.

【Daycares for kids】
Daycares are available only on 14th morning, since there will be no food supply.

information at 12:00, issud as of 12th 14:00---------------------------------


Osaki city total: at 95 places, 9,670 people (as of Mar. 14th, 15:00)

Furukawa area: 41 places, 7,452 people

Matsuyama area: 3 places, 410 people

Sanbongi area: 1 5 places, 596 people

Kashimadai area: 8 places, 400 people

Iwadeyama area: 1 place, 13 people

Naruko area: 6 place, 109 people

Tajiri area: 21 places, 690 people

Personal suffering(as of Mar. 14th, 15:00)

Severe injury 7 people, tiny injury 27 people, Fatality 4 people, Missing 3 person


House Damage(as of Mar.14th, 15:00)

Completely demolished: 143 houses

Half destroyed: 50 houses

Partially destroyed: 265 houses


Other infomation:

【Disaster Information Links】

NHK each branch disaster information: http://www.nhk.or.jp/saigai/jishin

NHK Sendai http://www.nhk.or.jp/saigai/jishin/sendai/4133_1.html

Google Realtime: http://www.google.co.jp/search?q =大崎市&hl=ja&prmd=ivnsulm&source=lnms&tbs=mbl:1&ei=aCV6TcnwLZGuvgOnmuznBw&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=6&ved=0CBgQ_AUoBQ

Google Crisis Response: http://www.google.co.jp/intl/ja/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

【Telephone network bulletin boards】

docomo: http://dengon.docomo.ne.jp/Etop.cgi?es=0

softbank: http://dengon.softbank.ne.jp/pc-e1.jsp

au: http://dengon.ezweb.ne.jp/E/service.do

NTT emergency messaging service: http://www.ntt-east.co.jp/saigai/news/index.html

NHK Safety Confirmation: 0354528800, 05033699680

Miyagi Police Missing Information: 0222212000

【Additional link】

Sendai English information: http://www46.atwiki.jp/earthquakeinfo_en/

I hope everybody is safe and gets over this crisis. I pray for you from Canada.

Thanks HIROAZW and Toubetsu City people for information.

【Water】Furukawa area: leak points: 18. under fixing process. will be done within today. Some areas are out of service.
Out of service: Matsuyama area, Sanbongi area, Kashimadai area, Tajiri area. Each branch office has water tank truck. but no supply from 10pm to 5am.
Furukawa Gymnasium (Sogo Taiikukan) also has water tank truck.

【Electricity】 under restoration process.

【Gas】 City gas supply is available.

【Place to bringr rubble】 at the land for a new library/ex prefecture offce land, from March 13th, 8am to 4pm