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OK kids. I just watched episode 5. Very interesting but the writing is horrible and the narration is almost totally absent. And yes documentaries need to be well written and scripted. Also narration should come from someone who is not apart of the subject of the piece..
And here it is more interesting!
Did he say there's a hell of a lot of unprotected pizzas in thr field?.


Movie name pls
looks good


I cant belive CL IS IN IT AHHHHH
According to the government, we don't exists. We're ghosts.
Beirut is the most beautiful city in the world! the way it is portrayed is BS.
A lot of people in Beirut speak English


This movie , i use the word 'movie' carefully, is so bad it missed 'DVD' and went straight to Torrent!
An affair always makes things better 🤣duh
Watch Free Friend Request Part 1
Phew. The Arabs seem to have congregated en masse to post dislikes. I sure am watching this one.
Don Draper my man
Dirty money? Is the main protagonist Ajit Pie?
its a fake story, nothing about beirut. .

Somehow I feel this could be a good movie
YAASSSSSS FINALLY the actor from Raid breaks the the Hollywood scene. Definitely watching this movie for him!!
Wow, Netflix! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you!
CL, I'm starving for that queen.
Maggie Greene! Preparing to attack Rick Grimes!


Get Out: Get Away
“Mile 22 is intended to be a starting point to a multi-media series” P.Berg will direct.