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In Februaly 2019,  I visited two completely different types of Ballet Job Auditions


Grand Audition hosted by D&D production

Employment Ballet Audition Workshop hosted by the Munich International Ballet School

HBC was sponsorships D&D Masterclass Japan since the 1st to 4th, there was a grant of participation rights and scholarship of this Grand Audition. But until now I let my former HBC staff (currently D&D Master Class Japan Representative) to attend the Grand Audition. So actually, it was the first time for me to go to see the Grand Audition by my eyes. Unforutunately, HBC is no longer working with D&D production (that's was not my decision), but I can feel free to see the Grand Audition with a clear vision .
So now, I'm glad that I can objectively report on the two auditions.  This is a report with my personal opinion that after listening to the voices of the dancers who participate.
Grand Audition hosted by D&D production
Date: February 5 (Tue) - 6 (Wed) 2019 

Number of participants: Approximately 200
Audition separately into 4 groups of A, B, C, D
The group seems to have been divided in order of birthday.
Application fee:  € 45 ( for documents and video audition for participate to the accual audition)

Entry fee: € 290

Participating Ballet Companies: 10 Companies
Marinsky Ballet Theater, Novosibirsk State Ballet Theater, Polish National Ballet, Lithuania National Ballet, Zurich Ballet, The Netherlands National Ballet / Junior Company, Panama City National Ballet, Ballet Theater UK, Ural Opera Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet
Day 1st

Registration start at 8:45 for Group A, 9:20 for Group B, 13:45 for Group C, 14:20 for Group D


Primary audition : 1 hour and 15 minutes ballet lesson for each group on the stage.

Immediately after the group lesson, the number of successful candidates will be posted on the wall in the lobby.

Day 2
Registration start at 9:00


Secondary audision : Variation review for successful candidates


Morning: Break up in two groups and 45 minutes for warm up
Afternoon: Variation review

Participants and accompanying (pre-registration required) can be observed
* I did not know that it is necessary to register in advance, my former staff, Ms. A registered for me because she noticed my name was not on the list. I am very appliciate for this to Ms. A!
Result announcement
The artiar director of each ballet company reads out the number of the dancer they wants to talk, and the dancer who called the number gains the right to negotiate with the artistic director.
At this point, the contract is not final yet.
Benefits of Grand Auditions
You can attend an  audition of the world's top class ballet company.
In a short period of two days, a joint audition of ten ballet company will be attend.
It is very organized, smooth registration



My personal impression
Grand audition is highly competitive and I think this is an audition for very high level talented dancers to gains a big chance. Last year, Orine Anzai from the Waganova Ballet School won the contract of Marinsky Ballet Theater. At the same time, she received an offer from Novosibirsk National Ballet Theater too. I personaly met her at 4th D&D Masterclass in Tokyo, she is absolutely gourgeus and amazing! This year, a Polish ballerina with a height of 180 cm has confirmed a contract with Novosibirsk National Ballet Theater. I happened to talk to her at the venue, she told me that  she is dancing with a small small ballet company in Poland, and she has company class (practice) only 2 or 3 times a week. Grand Audition turned to Cinderella story for her. However, she and Orine Anzai are quite tall, and both has amazing ballet body and has great tequnique of clasical ballet.  This year, there was no single offer from Marinsky Ballet Theater.  It is quite obvious this audition is not for ordinary dancers. There are many famous big ballet company that everyone knows in this audition, so  because the participating ballet company, audition will be very competitive and difficult. So you should carefuly consider that you are good enough for these type of audition. 
I heard from the dancers who received the offer that the artistic director of a ballet company said "To be honest with you, there is no contract from the beginning. So we will give you summer intensive." Also, some company was recruiting women only. As these two companies were particularly popular among the participating companies, a lot of dancers were upset and complaining about this matter, since it is noted in the guide that only companies with contracts are participating. I hope that they will make improvements next year so there are no such problems.
Regarding Hong Kong ballet, it was only participation for the first day. He picked 8 (or maybe 10?) cadinate from day 1st. The organizer told cadinates, they will send videos of variations to aritist directore and then he will decide to give contract to some cadinates.  There are quite small Japanese ballerinas in cadinates were picked,  and I was very happy for them.  One of them participated in an open audition in Hong Kong, but she was out of auditon pretty quick there,  so I was very happy for her to be one of candinates this time. Sometimes you can get a second chance like this in Grand Audition. Unfortunately, she has not been contacted yet. For now, I got information that two contracts were decided, but there seems to be no contact to the other dancers yet.


Another thing, I saw a situation I could not convince for a moment ... I will not dare write it here. Because I don't want to give wrong ideas to the dancers or Grand Audition.  As I mentioned earlier, for young talented dancers, it is a valuable audition that can grasp the big opportunity!  However, it is necessary to participate after understanding that this audition for very high level of dancers.  
Advice to the dancers who participate
At Barcelona Airport , it is possible to take a taxi easily and very safty. Be prepared the paper that wrote the hotel name and address.


If this is the first time over seas travering and you are worried, there is also a taxi service that will pick you up at the arrival gate, it cost around10 euro more with regular taxi price. Just google it in English and choosing a company with a lot of reputable stars, you can easily make a reservation online. (Please contact HBC at any time if proxy appointment is necessary. We charge minimum reservation fee)
Staying at Hotel Sant Cugat is the best and convinience to venue of Grand Audition.

You can book with or sometimes you find the room in hotel website, even its sold out in It will be fully booked soon, so make a reservation as soon as you decide to go. There is another hotel recommended by Grand Audition, there seems to be cheaper, but it takes more than 30 minutes to walk to the venue, there is nothing around. So I strongary recomande to stay Hotel Sant Cugat if you can.  Some people used Airbnb or even stay in Barcelona city center.
Hotel Sant Cugat is close to the venue, less than 5 minutes walk. There are restaurants and supermarkets around there, so it is very convenient. It is about 15 minutes walk to the train station. If you allow Wi-Fi to be used, you can go anywhere in the Google map and it is convenient to go to Barcelona city easily with a roundtrip of 5 euros. However, it takes about 40 minutes by train to the city of Barcelona and ​​it costs about 30 to 40 euros (5,000 yen) each way by taxi.
As there are many pickpockets in the city and train, beware of valuables!

At the Audition 
Registration at reception desk  is very easy process at the venue, you can do it yourself even you speak only little English.  If you pass in 2nd audition( after reviewed variation) , there is negotiation with artistic director in personaly so interpreter support may be necessary. But if you want to work overseas, please study English and at leaset understand daily conversation.