Vacation mode - Off to Japan!

Hi! It's been like a year since my last post but...I just thought I should start writing a little again!

I will be off to Japan as of next week so my etsy store will be closed for a month!
It will re-open again in July once I get back.

Of course, you can find a few of my pieces at Lady Petrova boutique as usual!

I will share lots of photos while I'm away on Instagram (@hanako_k_) , Facebook (Hanako.K) & Twitter (HanakoK) ...and maybe here on my blog depending on how lazy I get :P

I already have quite a few exciting places to visit so I'm really looking forward to this tip!

Good night world x



日本に行っている間は通常通り写真などを Instagram (@hanako_k_) , Facebook (Hanako.K) & Twitter (HanakoK)にて投稿しますので興味がある方は是非フォローしてくださいな♪自信ないですが、ブログにても更新をする予定です!笑



Hanako x