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[November, 2021].


English explanations have been added to all videos.


  • I will be accepting applications for 6 people in Japan (3) and overseas (3) in November.
  • Applications will be accepted starting at 20:00 on Tuesday, November 09.
  • The course materials will be sent out on or after 11/19 (Tue).
  • The next recruitment will be on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.



"Aqua Pastel Basic  basic Art course" in expressing the sparkle and transparency of water.

This is a lesson for those who have touched pastels before to learn how to add and remove basic pastel colors.



"Aqua Pastel" is an original pastel art created by Risa Tanigawa.


Conventional pastel art creates a soft and fluffy picture, but Aqua Pastel creates a picture with depth.

Aqua Pastel pursues depth, strength, and high quality as a painting.


You will learn the joy of expression.


It's not difficult at all.

You don't need to have any artistic ability at all.



You can create an infinite world by combining "color", "brightness", and “vibrancy” with Pastel.


This course was created to help people who are just learning pastel art to enjoy the beautiful colors of pastel.


About Aqua Pastel

"Aqua Pastel" is a pastel art created by Risa Tanigawa with the theme of sparkling water.



"Aqua Pastel" expresses the "sparkle" and "transparency" that I cherish when I paint with pastels.


The word "aqua" means "water" or "source of life". From the origin of the word, the message is "Let's draw together a world where we can live our own sparkling lives".



More freedom!


This is one way to enjoy the world of pastels, and I would like to share it with you with the hope of helping you express yourself.


About Traditional Pastel Art

Pastel Art® is the art of drawing on a 15cm square piece of drawing paper.



You dip your fingers in the pastel and

As you dip your fingers in the pastel and spread it out freely, your heart will naturally be filled with excitement.


Painting pastels on Printing paper.

Drawing light with an eraser makes you feel refreshed.

Anyone can draw easily, even if they are not good at drawing or are new to drawing.


  • Gradation can be easily expressed by the strength of your fingers.
  • By using stencils, you don't need to be an artist to draw.
  • Easy to erase with an eraser and redo as many times as you like.
  • The gentle colors of pastels allow you to reflect on your feelings.
  • Combining pastels with various art materials allows you to pursue a deeper level of expression.
  • You can complete your work in a shorter time than with watercolors or other art materials.



The necessary tools are also readily available.

It is popular among people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

With its richness of expression, it can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

The technique of grinding pastels into a powder and spreading it has been commonly used for painting backgrounds.


Nowadays, more and more people are learning pastel art and Pastel art has been developing with its own unique techniques and concepts.




Pastel art is drawn with a light and fluffy touch.

On the other hand.


Aqua pastels are characterized by depth, strength, sparkle, and transparency through shading.

We are pursuing to draw high quality works that can be displayed at home.


 "Aqua Pastel Basic Art Course"


Aqua Pastel Basic Art Course isThe basic course of water sparkle and transparent expression.


For those who have touched pastels at least once before.

This lesson focuses on the basic "coloring in" and "erasing" of pastels.


Through the three works that incorporate polka dots and bubbles

We will teach you how to paint, erase, mix colors, and combine shapes with pastels on the theme of blue.


This class is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.


Do you have any of these problems?

チェックCan't produce clear colors.

チェックI am not good at erasing expressions.

チェック I want to draw a work with movement and flow.


If you are able to express yourself well, you will be able to draw works that have depth and strength.



When I first started learning pastel art, I was not good at using vivid or deep colors.

I spent many days worrying and going through trial and error.



The lessons I learned at that time have been utilized to this day.


When painting with pastels, 

you need toHow to choose the right colors, how to apply the right amount of pressure, and of course.

It is also important to put your mind to it.


Or, you may be unsure about the balance of placement.

You may be putting on the brakes unconsciously.

Each of us feels differently and has different points of concern.


You don't have to be afraid.

Have more fun using and drawing!


With this in mind, I will give you a lesson on how to draw.


Examples of works

After taking this course, you will be able to draw the following works.



Circle and bubble

Draw a transparent circle.


First, we will take the time to teach you how to apply and remove basic colors.

The result will be refreshing and refresh your mind.


Aqua blue

The image of the sea “Use of color" and "use of stencils".


Change the shape of the ocean and the combination of water creatures to create a different piece.

Add your own ideas and have fun.


Small circle world

Using circles Enjoy the color overlap.


When you draw it, you're nervous about what kind of image you'll get.

But when a whale with a strong presence appears, you will be filled with surprise and joy.


Materials for Basic Art Course

It may sound difficult, 

But don't worry, you can learn it well with this video lesson and color textbook.



Distribution Video

The videos are distributed in sets of 15.



Audio and subtitles will explain how to draw.


In the Basic Art Course

A textbook and a set of teaching materials will be sent to you.


Text (full color text & wed text)

You will receive a bound A4 size textbook.



The text is also available on the web.

(It will be delivered via Google Drive.)



Teaching materials set


If you have your own pastel tools 

I will provide you with drawing paper, stencil paper, pens, templates, etc. 

so that you can start drawing right away. 



About English support

When we started the video course, we only had audio explanations in Japanese.

In August 2021, I added English text explanations to all the videos.






You can get English subtitles by selecting the subtitle button.




Rather than translating the spoken word as it is, I use sentences to describe the points to be made when drawing.

The subtitles will be displayed according to the timing.


*I'm sorry for the fact that some expressions are difficult to understand because they were translated by the application.


Course fee (English version)

19,000 yen


In addition to the lesson fee of 17,000 yen,

I also charge a settlement fee, the cost of translation work, and the cost of international postage of 3,000 yen.

The English version has just started, so you can take the course with a 1000 yen discount.

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