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This thing should actually have something exotic about it

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhg now this gun is not even worth it to many pvps I'm sorry but I already went through a crucible match on iron banner and a whole bunch of Clans were there it's impossible.

Consider your Internet speed, the better the quality the slower the download speed.

I will legitimately uninstall the game and throw D2 in the garbage when Thorn comes back. Ultimate noob weapon.

Can you do the cruciable kills in private matches?

I wonder how many people said I need to watch this

next year the last word returns
Seriously I have to have the annual pass to get the last word something that was in vanilla d1, and I have forsaken wow
Does anybody else just find Aztecs voice to be soothing? (No homo) Its just so relaxing.



I did mins without peoples help in rumble and I suck with hand cannons. it's is a ridiculous quest tho and what a stupid exoctic weapon... stats shocking and perks even more useless what would ever be the point in using this gun someone please tell me.
People are getting mad like they can actually use TLW in PvE or something LOL.


I don’t know why people are complaining about PvP it’s not that hard
All there is left is hawkmoons return....for the trio to be completed


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I got it this week. Disappointed. It's not nearly as decorative as hawk moon/last word. And I think makes the same noise as the ace of spades. I want to use it, but it's not good enough..
Consecutive hip fire hits increases damage thus 4 tapping the dawn blade?.

When I first got this I was like WTF IS THIS IMPACT? Then I compare it to my Timur's Lash, Bruh.

i love how he says that it isnt good in pvp and then proceeds to pop with it
Me:wow i got hawkmoon 2 months latee i got the last word (dumps hawkmoon) lol
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Me: Oh hey, the last word, should I pick up the pass and jump back in to destiny? Datto: The next step requires you to play PvP. Me: Nope..
I don't care if it's any good I hate weapons like this I'm just gettin it for collection

Will the quest last forever?
It's just like thorn before it was crap then they turned it into a god weapon then it got nerfed again so I think it's gonna be the same.


Bungies constant catering towards YouTube streamers is exactly why crucible is a toxic cesspit and the casual average player can not complete this quest because they are constantly being pub stomped by sweaties ... They streamers won’t change anything because they are being paid so will do what ever Bungie say... The casual or part time gamers just get exploited for their $$ but never seem get the content they pay for ... streamers must be making these guides etc for the elites and sweaties is all I can assume... just remember who went to the Destiny summit it wasn’t average players .. so the quests content we can’t get are because of certain input which always has excluded the casual or average player .. Why have PVP in each step because someone said it was a good idea all the time knowing it would disadvantage others...

Ha at least it wasn’t as long as the nascent dawn quest

can somebody please tell me the song near the end of the trailer??? i know it, i just forgot what it was called. thanks!