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Welcome to these special effects movie dramas
'upgrade' is amazing. watch it now!. your welcome
Looked like it might have been a decent flick until frickin' Feldman appeared!
Sicario = Ghost recon Wildlands. 8:39 I know it's Skyscraper but, Die Hard / Rock Hard
im a bit confused, is the jungle book movie based on the original by kipling and not the disney one
And I thought Corey Feldman couldn't get weirder.
Where's the wolf from the thumbnail??????

Just watched a bunch of movies in full in only 30 min. Thx way extra long telling trailers.
Os efeitos visuais do mogli da disney sao bem melhores q esse ai.
9:00 OMG Neve Campbell is out of the grave!

My boy 2 da max in a movie 🔥🔥🔥

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It's crazy how much the Rock has changed since his wrestling career. He'll always be the best shit talker in the business..

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Pocketsofthefuture brought me here 😂😂
The subtitles are terrible. Awfully amusing though.
These subtitles are from misheard lyrics?
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I’m pretty sure it’s not a werewolf... looks like the bear roaring in Mowgli
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Obvious bad guy from The Dark Knight is obvious bad guy in Skyscraper.
Why do they keep remaking the jungle book Jesus thats like the 4th one n 10 yes all the same one not even sequels
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2 movies Christopher robbin and sicario.
When the dark night storyline meets the lost boys you get Corbin Nash

Hotel Artemis... looks like one kick ass fun ride. Dave is there, he is awesome, and... Sofia Boutella... one of the sexiest women alive. Mhmmmmmm.
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Yeap, Hans from The Burbs is here!!! And thats propably the best in this shitty film. Feldman should win an oscar for his role here....


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2:26 Ted Censored?
But why they make winnie the pooh look jacked up
It looks actually good without that dark - oily photography.
5:12 the moment Tom Cruise shattered his ankle
Skyscraper= DieHard remake. Truly original writing
I stopped watching trailers since they do show most or all the good parts of a movie. They should call em Spoilers now.


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I am surprised Benedict Cumberbatch is playing another villain he is actually very good at it
Thought it to be a Werewolf.
You locked up the juvenile female sociopaths in a mansion hoping they'll die against zombie-esque monsters. That shouldn't work out, but I bet it will, and only the protagonist survives..
I'm done with tom cruise movies when i hear rapcrap, Just go ahead and drag fingernails across a blackboard.
Feldman looking like Sharon Osbourne