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He was right on finding someone to mooch off of and not having to do anything to allow him to complain even more for free much much more than working people. Look at the source in this case more than the idea..



It’s funny how people criticize Karl Marx, but we are seeing that he was right all along. It is happening right before our eyes.


Corrupt policies are why the income gap expands, Keynesian practices are why we have boom-bust cycles. Austrian thinking is the true form of pure capitalism and practicing it would alleviate many financial calamities..

Guys,if we're going to blame anyone for the deathes in North Korea, Vietnam, Communist China, and the Union of Soviety Socialist Republics, blame Victor D'hupay. Voctor 'hupay was the first Communist and wrote the first Communist works in the late 1700's. Karl Marx just popularized it..

Ah yes the famous classless society in which everyone is equal and some are a little more equal. My country tried that, failed, now we go back to good old empirically proven capitalism..

Marx's thinking went into somewhere else after 1850, it's just that nobody cares. He brilliantly saw that the financial crisis was not merely about capitalism, financing was involved big time. That's when he deemed that revolution would not be the fix for this either, and it required more economic nuance to solve the crises. Also very insightful. Let me say this again, it's just that nobody gives a fuck at that time. He's one of the few greatest thinkers of all time, he didn't just stop all of a sudden after the manifesto, he's a lifetime extensive and nonstop reader/thinker, so it would be just lazy to sum up his ideas too simply in any way..