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When will this be released on DVD?
So on time.
Interesting concept and story line with one hell of a good cast. I'm sure it's a great film. Here's to success of what seems a quiet, yet profound movie..
Samantha Elisofon and Brandon Polansky are good friends of mine, in fact they are fans of a music group that I'm in and that also it involves people with Autism, oldies cover group Jessy and The Fancy Cats..


Waaay too much silly melodrama about a bookshop. The writer really couldn't come up with a better plot than a good, young, attractive woman wants to open a bookshop and an old, evil, bitter woman wants to shut it down? Good Lord. And it's not even very well written. Where there's life, there's hope. God, what a horrifying thought. Which no doubt will get a laugh, and was meant to get a laugh, but why? What's horrifying about where there's hope, there's life? Is life a bad thing? Is hope a bad thing? Is it funny just because Nighy plays a sour old man and he said something sour, even if it doesn't make any sense? Should we be bothered that Mortimer's line is irrelevant and that it could be replaced with any positive aphorism? How about... It's always darkest before the storm. God, what a horrifying thought. Or... Success is falling down nine times and getting up ten. God, what a horrifying thought. The rest of the trailer is the same: not an interesting line of dialog anywhere. Just characters saying perfunctory things that people should say in a silly melodrama about a bookshop..

Great to watch as a cure for insomnia.