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Okay riot video games... Im done for your own game i tired and stressed about the team and the lanes.... But i will play Mobile Legends now.

League Of Legends matches. LOL live. Full history database.

2020 ??

My Name Is Thomas

This will always be the best one for me,the animation,the sound,everything fits perfectly,its just THAT good


Who's here before 100M views?

Am I the only one thats here because of the wired auto-complete interview?

Amo demasiado la canción, el video, el juego, todo ♥


League of Legends Worlds 2015 live stream: How to watch Flash.

Better then rise


Still my favorite

The Best Way to Record LoL Games Easily on.
The reason why this song is so hype it´s because this is where it all started, an anthem capable of motivating you to start ranking or making a gaming career, the rest of the songs are about defending what´s yours and that you must never die, but this, is where we were born, from dust..

Faker with his wise words.
The 2017 League of Legends season is officially underway and here is how you can watch the LoL Pro League online. A go-to provider of esports content for millions of fans, Twitch provides a free live stream of the action. Fans can view Twitch's stream on their desktop/laptop on Twitch's website..


Could have been decent but you used wayyyyyyy too much footage of insignificant EU TRASH! Even digging up G2's meaningless win over TSM..
amazing video, congrats :)
Me fascina League of Legends y por eso realice un cover de una de sus canciones, la letra es solo una adaptación que hice del tema original al español espero que les guste!:
Gigabyte marines 2017 world champions will be a good script

LoL Worlds Grand Final: Why Korean teams are the best
1:30 Yellowstar with the ashe arrow VS fnatic
Pisses me off every time because Zedd is so much better than this. I have no idea why he didn't go all out, idk does he charge per drop cause this song was all build up lol.

A list of current professional players' streams : leagueoflegends

800k güzel flüt çalıyor


2018 still the best!
let's all just take a moment appreciate the animation
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And watch from far away
Watch League of Legends Stream [Movie] League of Legends World Finals (2018) English Full Movie Watch Online Free.

So Does this mean Jensen is a legend?,... oh wait
Listening to hype for worlds 2018 cuz there is no 2018 worlds song :sadface:
The ending really got me. Even when you're at the top, you cannot stop because there are people on all stages, fighting to make it to where you are. You have to keep working to maintain your position..

Why can't I stop listening to this song, whyyyy?!!
faker eats brocoli=like

I love this song i can t stop hearing it . It's amazing ^^

Oh yeah yeah
HOW TO Setup OBS Studio for Streaming League of Legends (2017)
How to Download League of Legends for FREE.
Vote league of legends for best game on esport industry awards page!
The labor of my love

someone can help me with the song on the Jinx cinematic ???
Crazy song 🤯😧 ( added to my gym playlist songs )
200.000.000 view FINALLY!
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The last true Zedd song...everyone hated on it, and now he makes mediocre pop music. Yay...
Esse tempo foi lindo man pqp
New Ryze Rework confirmed
No puedo pasar un minuto son escucharla