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ラブラブPlease Let us introduce Eyelash Extension @ glams Hair Lounge on gold coast to youラブラブ

We have varieties of lengths, curls and thickness
You could choose whichever you want for a daily use or party style!!


Full Set ( 100 lashes - 50 lashes on each eye ) is now $80 only

Lower Lash ( 20 lashes - 10 lashes on each eye ) is $30

Next appointment is within 3 weeks - $40
within 4 weeks - $50
within 5 weeks - $60
after 6 weeks - full set price

It will take 1 hour & half to 1 hour&45 minutes to have lash extensions done.
In case of arrangeing lower lashes is gonna take extra 30 minutes.

Please come without mascara and eye shadow

To keep your lash extensions neat and long

クローバーdo not use oil cleanser on eye area
クローバーdo not allow the lashes to get wet at least 4 hours after treatment
クローバーavoid steam - no spas and saunas for the first 48 hours
クローバーdo not rub, perm or tint lashes before or after treatment
クローバーwhen washing your face, clean around the eyes gently
クローバーdo not put mascara on your lashe extensions or use eyelash curlers
クローバーdo not try to remove the extensions on your own

If you have any inquries, please do not hesitate to contact us to either 07-5538-7858 or glams_chiharu@hotmail.co.jp.

Looking forward to seeing you at glams Hair Lounge!

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