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Does Gidget still have a crush on Max?
Everyone is sitting here saying the trailer is the movie and all I can think is Hmm. Ghibli story with Tintin character design. I can dig it..
Kerlier toussaint
This Movie Won Oscar Award the same that made mayazaki a legend...So technically this is 2 most important movie in all ghibli cinema.....

They just showed the whole movie in 2 mintues. -_- The panned out shots is so realistic, it's awesome. 😱
Your Name. Definitely Your Name. With Kubo being close second.
Your stuff is so well written. By god, please never stop
I want to watch this movie again
I hope it's as good as the book.
Chris looks like that one high school teacher at every school that every girl wants to call daddy.

Mother's Day Watch Online eng sub no login

Last time I was this early, Finding Dory didn't win an Oscar


That voice is even from eventubehd
your move was so cool then I thought it was man just so cool


This is not a trailer, its the abridged movie..