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Wonder woman knock-off.

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It’s sad to see gays in this light. Not all gays like being in drag, wearing tight leather pants and s&m stuff. Most of us are normal in our own ways and you’d never tell us apart from other people..

Uau!!! 😎

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Nothing new, but still horribly sad.


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Oooo ya😏😏
i'm confused about what this movie is about. is it literally just a documentary of gay guys partying hard as hell on a boat.
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as a gay guy myself I can't help but find all this stuff very decadent... I think gay guys we have a problem, we are looking for something that does not exist: a masculine ideal, a prince charming that would reconcile us with ourselves and fix our imbalance. But we almost never find him, hence the vortex of partying, drugs etc... we'll die trying to fix ourselves and find our ideal match. gay guys don't like each other in general... it's sad....

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Is this monarch ?
I think this is the first Marvel's movie for which fans aren't exited much..
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A wizard is never late The a queen is never late line reminded me of Gandalf haha.
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There's only one Captain...and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.
For the first time I will boycott a Marvel movie! Brie Larson is a really horrible person. SWJs, let the MCU alone!!.

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The movie looks great 😎👍



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Gays are humans too so sad they have no rights in other countires l.this world is awful
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