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This movie released in 20th of July in 2001 and I born I 20th of July in 2001 This movie gave me lots things like excitement and courage etc... I grew up with this movie and I am still watching it every year We became 17years old couple days ago I feel like me and this movie are twins and we will stay together forever cuz this movie is my life.
I Love you

Ariana favorite movie

Harry Styles Lol👼🙃👋

i knew her well movie review

Summary of this movie when high: Girl with same voice as Lilo is very tired from moving and sees delusions that her parents turned into pigs. When Asian-Male-Dora gives her single a red drug, the drug takes immediate effect, somehow lasts for a VERY long time, and her delusions become even more outrageous... Man, what kind of drug did Haku give her that she begun seeing talking frogs, an old lady's head on a bird's body, and people looking like some weird-ass things you see in your nightmares?.

Haku is my childhood boyfriend 

Mr Voice Over Man ... Presents a Trailer for a Studio Ghibli Film .... And Finds a way... To Make a Classic Whimsical Movie... Into Something that Seems... 500% more cheesy..

Hi! I don’t know if anyone will see this but I am going to Japan this March! My parents and I will go to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. I’m really excited but unfortunately the only ghibli film I’ve seen is spirited away. I want to watch around 7+ before I go to Japan. Ghibli doesn’t put their movies on any steaming platforms. So does anyone know where I can watch these movies for cheap or buy a good boxset? I don’t really want to pirate them as I prefer to watch movies legally. Thanks!.

February 2k19????

This is about as good as this shit gets. Hook city.

Tell us about the time you groped Kathrine Ross.

Taylor Swift -I knew you were trouble
February 2019???
Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR SWIFT !! We the fans of Youtube truly love you forever. You are a inspiration to a lot of people and you’re music is wonderful. Thank you so much for being the best December 13, 1989.


Anybody in December 2019? no? Just me?.. ok

January 2019??
I knew you were trouble when I heard you So shame on me now Flew me to places I never been Now I'm lying on the cold hard fandom

I hate when theres a movie before the song

I have to watch this movie for a Japanese Anime college course. Can anyone tell me where I can rent the subbed version? I can't get it on YouTube, Hulu, VUDU, or Crunchyroll (I think). Where the hell can I watch this movie online???.
i absolu narciso rodriguez for her
This has always been my fave anime movie
i knew her well criterion dvd

Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush (2015).
Break ups am I right :( I lost the loml and I won’t get her back
i knew her well film reviews
Holy Christ is this movie awesome ...... Cool.
living well i montel
IDK how but almost 7 years ago my parents showed me this and princess mononoke. Like 3 years ago i almost was certain they were dreams but i finally found again like 1 year ago.... I had nightmares about yubaba (Old Lady)..


Spirited away, Ponyo, and arrietty is my childhood

I'm only here to see what Ariana Grande likes about it so much to get a tattoo 💀
this movie scared the shit out of me
Just watched this last night. A first rate picture worthy of Criterion - very applicable to the, as James M. Cain generalized it, current Iowa to LA move.

Hi this movie is so great I think it's my favourite also I named one of my rats after Haku because he looks like a little dragon okay that was all bye
I rewind the video like 100 times
Is this that movie where her parents turn to pigs? If not,TELL ME WHAT MOVIE THAT IS
i knew her well movie
2019 anyone?

Great scene, Stefania is easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Who else misses old Taylor
Goat's screams brought me here. 
what should i get her for christmas
does the narrator need a cough drop?
i m with her sticker
omg i remember , i was a kid the first time i watch this, and it was so perturbating i thought.. but now is simply awesome....