If there is something that anime lovers love more than the series is to discuss about them. Friendships have been built with brothers in arguments, forums were founded (you know, when there were still people who used them) and more than one thread in Reddit exists dedicated to what is the best waifu of each season. Therefore, for the third consecutive year in the ENTER.CO 2018 Awards we had a category in which we nominated the five best series of this genre throughout the year. The list was composed of 'Darling in the FranXX', 'Megalo Box', 'Sora Yori mo Tooi Bashoo', 'Goblin Slayer' and 'Violet Evergarden'.

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The intention of this list is not to remove the five definitive animes of last year. We know that there are series that perhaps should have been included and it is more than likely that they do not agree with all the nominees. But, for us, these five series in one way or another defined what the anime was in 2018. For two weeks we asked them to vote for their favorite series and now we have the results. Top 10 Best Shounen Anime of All Time 

These are the best animes in the 2018

'Goblin Slayer' is the best anime of 2018

Crunchyroll revealed that the most watched anime in the region during the fall season was 'Goblin Slayer'. Thus, few should be surprised that his popularity allowed him to win the vote of the public. Undoubtedly, part of the reason you are here is in your first chapter. Loaded with blood and even a rape, it was an episode that kidnapped the attention of many at the point of shock. Even if the chapters that followed him lowered the tone considerably, those first 25 minutes got him to be the series that caught most of the audience and (for better or for worse) opaque to other series like 'Seishun Buta' or 'Jojo ' 16 Best Anime Horror Series 'Goblin Slayer' is not a novel or unique proposal, especially in an animation genre in which every three months more than 20 new ideas arrive. But it was one of those moments that defined (or even divided) the community in 2018. Although that charm of the first chapter never fully recovered, for its fortune has other moments that reminded why this story about killing goblins caught our attention . It also resulted in a curious inspiration for all the sadistic masters who had a D & D session on weekends. The Top 10 Romance Animes

'Megalo Box' is the best anime of 2018

A spectacular soundtrack, a first level animation and a fascinating story. This was a fight that (to our eyes) was defined by a blunt knock out. '' Megalo Box 'entered the ring of the anime of 2018 as a rookie unknown to many and overshadowed by other series in his season. But the curious found themselves with an action story that captures all the senses. Best Anime Streaming Sites The choice of his 80s type animation is a tribute to 'Joe of Tomorrow' (the anime is a gift for his 50th anniversary) but the team decided to mix this element with more modern ideas. His soundtrack, for example, is composed of Hip Hop rhythms that, as with 'Samurai Shamploo', do not clash, but create a unique experience. Head-To-Head: Naruto Vs Dragon Ball Z There is something wonderful about watching these boxing fights as competitors dance around this music that is as catchy as it is appropriate for the show. It is also worth mentioning his story, which at times surprises with hooks that leave the viewer on the ground trembling with emotion. No doubt. 'Megalo Box' was the king of the heavyweights in the animes at the ENTER.CO 2018 Awards. Top 10 Moments In The History Of Dragon Ball