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... and not one hair out of place. #WWI
89 days to go
I am just waiting for the time when cap and tony reunites . I am so HYPED 😆😆😆
Super underrated movie. So good
I was a YELLOW BIRD .... But then again i was also woody wood pecker...
I would like to watch just one move about all the pain that the did in the irak people.....


Because of no reason😂
Somehow ending up watching this each day... Soo much hype.. till next trailer drops, hope this goes on.. 😥😄
Am I the only one that thought the thumbnail looked a lot like Bill Burr?
Ya some how they will all come out as heroes at the end no matter how many civilians they murder! Welcome to the United States Army son!
If Tony dies. I'll quit watching MARVEL'S MOVIES
This looks very good. I'll buy it on blu ray. I missed it in theaters i guess,or it was select theaters. The 1930 version staring Colin Clive was great. If none have seen it,I highly recommend it. Hopefully,one day it'll get the remaster it deserves and we can see it in HD. Journeys end,is a great story and I look forward to seeing this version..

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You can’t tell me that the intro doesn’t remind you of bo2 origins !
Aw I watched this film today it’s so sad and it makes you think about how lucky we are it was sad when jimmy died was that his name ? This is a good film.
mustache the movie
Is it journey's end or the beginning of a journey! It seems Its end not stands there.😕