WATCH Passengers (2016)





Goddammit, does the trailer have to change frame every second? Can't Hollywood make a good trailer anymore?

Can't wait to see Jen in this movie

Never understood the hate. Yeah, they're not special. But entertaining. And the first one had a fantastic atmosphere as well. First resident evil is one of my favorit zombie movies. And the rest were all kinda funny haha heheHAHAheheheheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Looks like an ad for BMW's GS


Here's The Thing, What If This Happened In Real Life? What If YOU were On The Ship, And It Broke, Only 2 People Out Of Hibernation, They Are Both Passengers, They Cannot Go Back In Hibernation. They cant Go In The Bridge, And There Is No Crew Awake?.

I wonder what happened with Leon, Jill and Ada...

0:51 pause there and you will see the hotness



Wow, just wow. Way to waste Leon, Ada, and Jill!!! The coolest characters in the game don't even get a death scene! That's how little Anderson cares for the actual series!.

Wie kann ein Roboterbarkeeper bluten?? ( 1:40 )

Starlord and mistique in the same movie. This movie is gonna be awesome.

Wer wünscht sich auch einen zweiten Teil? :( Das wäre so Hammer.. :((

In my opinion i think it would be better if they rounded up all the OG resident evil characters (chris, leon, jill, rebecca, ada).. and throughout the movie have them at least die a tragic death.. then in the end alice will of of course die or sacrifice herself to save the human race. Then it will be a decent movie considering you have all of the RE characters..

Чую, хуйня будет лютая. Ни одного кадра натурной съемки. Всё на фоне зелёной тряпки. Да еще и графика ебанически дёшево выглядит
Can't wait to see this
It will be flop
When he said he had something to tell her at 2:04 . I'm gonna go ahead and guess that since he was alone for a whole year he had time to look through some of the pods and eventually saw her and felt a connection. Then he got lonely, and desperate enough and sabotaged her pod to wake her up so he wouldn't have to be alone any longer.

Musste sofort an die Godspeed Bücher denken :D


meh looks like a fun movie. I'll probably watch it once and that will be enough for me.
que bueno la estaba esperando es buenisima se las recomiendo
der Trailer sieht echt gut aus ... (grosse vorfreude)
nicht schlecht
Würd mal sagen, ich freu mich wie ein Schnitzel ^^


Kenne das Drehbuch und mein Kopfkino war irgendwie anders und um Längen besser. Das Ganze wurde mir viel zu sehr gemainstreamed. Außerdem hätte ich gerne die zuerst gecasteten Schauspieler gesehen. :-(.
the movie was far what I expected to be so good it was really really amazing I've been a fan I've it since day one and it satisfied me shocking twist non stop action rate 10/10.
Noch jemand, den das an die Godspeed Trilogie erinnert?

omg i love this song its suits so well with the movie!