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Make a cats purpose next. That’d be amazing.
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you know how a cat has 9 lives how much does a dog have because he died then came back and died and came back soooo????

verified site monova a dog's purpose
before watching this movie's trailer, I watched the trailer of THE DOG'S PURPOSE. literally tears are streaming down my eyes. even though some dogs are lazy, or ugly, or useless, it has the right to live in this world. look for example my dog!! his name is Bruno a fun loving 3 year old. he just turned three on 15 March. he was just 52 days old when we bought him.. he was soooo adorable... even though my dog is a lazy little critter, i, my mom, my dad and my brother and most of my relatives know him and love him. well as for the dog's purpose, it's didn't get good reviews, I don't know why. overall, Quill THE LIFE OF A GUIDE DOG and THE DOG'S PURPOSE bought tears to my eyes, like, literally. the tears are still on the edge of my eyes. and for people who don't love dogs, they are a soothing companion that loves you and is always by your side. I love dogs and will do anything in order to help them. my dog also donated blood to the neighborhood dog, bronzy. all the best for dogs in this world, wishing them a bright and happy and beautiful life. I LOVE DOGS!!. Hansikaa mallela, class 5 c leelanagar, brgumpet, Hyderabad. 500016. LOVE YOU BRUNO!! wish you a bright and beautiful and super-adventurous future. same to all the other dogs in the world. 🐕 🐕 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO.

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I absolutely love this film. One of my favorite parts about it is the beautiful lush score by Rupert Gregson-Williams. So beautiful.

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I never cried so much in a movie

what's he saying, too many words, imma do this now me in every situation involving instructions

Verified site monova A Dog's purposes

HENRY 😍😍😍😍😍

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second !!! awesome movie

really good movie !!

I really, really want to watch it 💙 Henry Lau 💙

Best movie..... Loved it


Verified site monova A Dog's purpose

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I Like Love it
I had no idea what this was about. After watching it, I called several people and apologized to them for any and all hurt I have caused them. Some forgave me. I forgive me, and will work on being happy, instead of angry..