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Dream Telepathy Interpretation: Someone made a clone planet of Earth at star KIC84628521260 light years ago. The interpetation was inspired by me Alan Arqueza when watching the 1st episode of the Japanese TV drama Akira and Akira about the finance industry of 1986 in Japan online.


Dream Visual 11SEP2017: I was walking inside a building with a friendly person to my right. The young Japanese man age 20-30 years young was wearing a flight jacket with the insignia patch of a golden embroidered continent the size of Canada. On the embroidery of the continent there are two red circular glyphs or orbs. He was happy to be talking with me and welcoming. The person tells me "I made my own country".

Awake: That afternoon around 2:00pm I have been monitoring the NASA live video broadcast of the International Space Station of the planet Earth. I watched the NASA Live HD ISS Earth Viewing Experiment from and resized the video viewport from the Google tabs. I decided to record the screen of the computer while I was arranging the multi-camera screens from real-time web cameras in Phoenix, Arizona - Prescott, Yavapai College and South Mountain, a network of 6 web cameras from Lake Tahoe and above San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California to watch for a kilometer wide triangle aerial object. Although FlightRadar24 is for aircraft owners who decided to list their GPS (Global Positioning System) location.


Dream Memory Recognition: The image from my blog of KIC8462852 represents two orbs in the dream. The NASA video shows two white orbs (reflections) hovering above the continent of Africa at 2:51pm PDT. The flight jacket in the dream reminded me of the NASA space suits. The man wearing the flight jacket reminded me of the character in the February 2017 Japanese movie "One Week Friends" (Romaji: Isshukan Furenzu Japanese: 一週間フレンズ). Although I have not watched the entire movie. My dream happened more than 6 hours before I recorded the "two reflections" from the NASA live streaming video of planet Earth.


Note the reflection of two white orbs vanish at 25 seconds in the video clip. The reflection was beyond 30 seconds. I did not include the entire video from the broadcast.


The video in this blog post is from the official NASA ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment. The recorded video is from 11 September 2017 at 2:15pm-2:17pm. 


The video is available in 720p at my YouTube channel.



photo wikipedia: star KIC8462852