BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho

Hi Everyone音譜

It has been sometime since I last posted an update on this blog

Last year we did have an end of year party, but straight after that I got so busy and had no time to make an updates. And before I knew it, it is already the start of the rainy season

So let’s get to it shall we.

This time I will tell you about our Company Trip

To start off with our destination was …東京タワーTOKYO東京スカイツリー

And to make things more exciting we divided up into various groups

This time we went on a 2 day 3 night trip. The first 2 days and 1 night we moved around in our various groups. Each group had a leader who arranged accommodation, meals and transportation for their various groups. On the second night we all gathered together in Ryogoku and went out and had fun at our Dinner Party. On the last day we went to see the Tokyo Skytree東京スカイツリーand had some free time to look around Tokyo and then all gathered together at Tokyo station and went home on the Shinkansen together

The groups were by the way

Hot Spring Team

Yokohama Team

Toyko Team

Amusement Park Team

We all selected where we wanted to go and went to our various destinations and had plenty of fun

On the second night we all got together and went out to our Dinner Party

Since we were in Ryogoku we had a お相撲2。Cyanko Partyお相撲1。

This time we went here

BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho-ちゃんこ江戸沢

We used Cyanko Edozawa Tokyo Head Shop

Since there were roughly 50 of us we were allowed to book out one of their floors, allowing us to enjoy the food and drinks to the fullest without having to worry about other patrons

At the party each team announced what their various teams did. From what we heard each team had an event filled time such as enjoying an extravagant breakfast at Tsukiji, or a full course of Shark Fin, but in the end it seems everyone had an amazing time with their teams.

On the second day we stayed at Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku. I must say though, the view of the Tokyo Skytree from our rooms were amazing.

See, amazing isn’t it?

BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho-スカイツリー

The Gandamu model in Odaiba was big but, the Skytree was something else.

Oh by the way the Gandamu model is below

BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho-ガンダム

Big isn’t it

Also this is a shot from the base of the Skytree on the last day

BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho-下からスカイツリー

It is even bigger

We then went up to the top floor observation deck

To The Sorakara Point

BEARING ALL:A Sneak peek into Fuji Seisakusho-ソラカラポイント

We had to line up for 20 minutes to get the tickets to go up to the top deck

This time we were lucky to get pre-reserved tickets so the wait was not that bad, but looking at the queues of people waiting to buy the tickets on the day, it seems that the Skytree boom isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This is my own personal opinion but,

If the staff are friendly and always have a smile when you ask them for direction it makes you feel good. Something small and minor like a smile makes you want to come back again next time you visit.

So always keep a smile on your faceニコニコ

Anyway that’s all for todayパー