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Extravagance brand watches often go through phases of ups and downs, highs www.vowatches.com and lows during their life cycles. Maurice Lacroix watches may be no different, and may be going through an character situation.

They have clear new watches out now. New watches that look a bit random. Let me explain. And although this is not all bad the company is walking a bit blindly hoping to strike that spark of buyer interest in their watches.

The Pontos Chronograph Black watch represents what I am talking about. Nothing in their watches looks anything like this watch. Have you seen it? But, if you compare the dial to clear of their previous work, it has similarities. So its not all a replica rolex shot in the dark for them right now..

A number of watch manufacturers are gearing towards the fading black theme, where the watch is designed in various layers of black color. Maurice Lacroix is doing this as well and I am a little confused by it.

Demands sometimes run high with a number of characteristics of watches. Maybe the Pontos is after that small watch segment of all black rectangular watches with classy looking dials? Who knows.

As I previously said I don't think there is anything wrong with the watch. I like the casing, which is quite fitting for this brand.

The movement is a base Swiss ETA 7750 automatic movement, which offers enough dials and areas on the face for the brand to mess around with. The end effect dial has certain mixed textures and looks striking, nevertheless not all that ground-breaking.

There's supposed to be several fascinating hand engraving on the movement ?which is showing through the sapphire caseback window at the back end of the watch.

For a number of people, this will be a highly sought-after watch with its mix of dark tones, sophisticated exterior, and indisputable sport attitude (all black, rubber strap). Still, after thinking about this watch for a while, I still a little mystified about what it all means, what emotions the brand wishes to divulge in this product or how it helps the brand in the long run.

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