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"Well, you're playing me, I know we have Caterpillar has always been the most useless, looks ugly, hard small, presently, when I see my little friends has startled. "" HA HA HA, well, okay, you're a young, presumably never seen butterflies! When you grow up, and grow beautiful wings, was one of those blue-violet blue-violet color, there new balance 373 womens are all kinds of interesting patterns, you see, that's it! "Say it again out of the blue and purple pattern, look on the forehead of a butterfly. "When that happens! You are kidding me, now! "" Do what makes you, tease you, again unable to produce patterns in my life, naked white white, like this! "Said immediately struck a polished look. "Well, that's it! "Caterpillar pouted 100 does not believe. "Well, if you don't believe, then when you grow up and see with his own eyes! "" When I grow up to how long? Is very very long? "" I don't know, the Sun is too hot, Huang I sleepy, you sleepy, we sleep for a good night's sleep. "Little shoes, just say you just conked out, something serene colors on its face and scatter pattern, creamy smooth.

Caterpillar it sleeps is dead, dead-boring, weariness began to hit, it yaotouhuangnao a while, Huizi bundled up into a shell, a shell, still unconscious. Munch Munch-slurp sound, the ants working joints extruded creak babble of sound, little shoes wake up all of a sudden, at a glance, the guys who look to the rice, ants are straining to move yet! "Be still, and that is my friend! "It exploded in his face as if he took the fire flamed in Orange, ran away as ants. "Don't worry little tipsy, I will stay with you. Never let anyone hurt you. Other caterpillars hanging round the tree fruit, you confused egg beside me fell asleep. "It staring at it too long, you want to carry it to her bosom, and that hurt it, separated by a small distance leaves to look at it. Sunny golden glow over him: he was glistening, like it was covered with armour. After many days, little tipsy has a dream, sweet and sour dreams it dreams to have snow-white beautiful Bunny, Hushan, big eyes, came to little shoes. Little shoes to play with her happy, glowed on his face, looks fabulous. It also wants to play with them, earn, earn, all of a sudden woke up and aching, and everything weneel ill at ease on the spine, it was called hastily: "little shoes, out of sight, out of sight! It hurts! It hurts! Where are you? Where are you! ”

Little shoe heard round fruit buzzing noises and knew was a little confused about fully awake. "Little confused, you're out of the shell open, get themselves out. After that hurdle, you will become a beautiful Butterfly! "" Little shoes, new balance 580 womens it hurts! I don't want to move, you help me open it! "" Little confused, keep up the good work! I can't replace you grew up, you don't get out, I'll go! "The caterpillars to go, immediately covered with sweat, but emerged just bites. Shu's magnificent wings, booties, "I look like? "" Look like this! "Orange colored pattern on a nude-colored base stretch, lightweight wings felt in us-gesture. "You've lost weight. "" Bag on your head is glowing, hahaha ~ "the saying goes" a journey begins with one step ", a good pair of shoes is to determine how far you can go, a comfortable, confident and attractive premise. Many MM asked: "what should you pick will buy both wild and nice shoes? "Experience tells us that shoes in a comfortable first, second pick to the satisfaction of the beautiful, Oh. Carefully selected along with the editor right now.