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Probably feel old, mother's dresses, shoes I don't know since when was replaced with a murky color of heavy, she said fancy style wears out jokes, but in my heart, mother is the most beautiful. I picked this for my mother a pair of pink rhinestones shoes asakuchi, I wish her life like this is so old, like rhinestones shine. Of white uppers   new balance 991 mens take brown shoes, there's a sense of fresh natural pure wood, white blooming lilies, from within the field that make you heart becomes quiet. As it had numerous times to coax us MOM, no matter what a sad blow, as long as MOM a hug, I will be able to stop crying, love made me strong. MOM, let us grow together. 51 after the hot temperatures came like a beast, and summer always comes from the South, none. Believe many beauty girls have already prepared the body for cooling equipment, foot whether or not you meet the demand it anymore? If suddenly aware to ignore it, it's OK, dress is ready for you, just look at and see whether my eyes.

Brief gaudy two-color mosaic hot summer brings cool feeling. Baggy cross straps from the instep across, would have a delicate and exquisite brightness against the white foot. Thick sponge cake on the bottom painted vintage patterns, as if the June show appearance with deep inner beauty, gorgeous and refined. Following platform shoes, another hot trend footwear--shake the shoes was born. Curved soles of feet in an equilibrium State, will need to be mobilized to maintain the balance of power in the legs, while major acupuncture points stimulates the soles, promote metabolism, beautiful body and eat it too. Space design of shoe styles into the fish's mouth, fashionable soared. Hot summer sun burned live-in dew on leaves no traces, leaf new balance lazily falling together, drill into their armpits, dappled shadows falling all over the floor. A clever ghost shadows of light shining brightly and jumped all over, shone bright while dark booties body. Caterpillar's head followed it around in circles, and finally ended up as the line of sight, focus, a "dragons in the sky", dive booties, and head up a bag right away.

You see, it could no longer cry, while sore while saying "damn wood knots, almost killed me! "Little shoes are carefully looked at it, smiled and said:" do you normally dark, this bed is really nice! You can wear it, how special it is! "Caterpillar hairs standing up all over, just jumping in its possession, flexible booties-fuelled, his face blue, yellow, Brown, wood soles laughs out of the pattern, chameleons generally lively. And smiled, both also playing tired and forgot to get angry at things early. Little shoes gradually calmed down, back together, dark shiny body is strong and healthy and dignified, braided ring is a beautiful. Caterpillar has been looking at it for, blankly: "wood knots, just hit and I saw stars, did not find you look so pretty! "Little shoes are red in the face, out of the two flowers, pleased to rub his face in, scrunch a wood pattern. "Oh, thank you! Your bag look good too! "Caterpillar heard this funny and beaten, only a dozen feet in time, thumps their chest, Stomper. "Hmm! You make fun of people, not to play with you! "" OK, OK ~ to you joking! After the caterpillars will have great promise. ”