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If several of the above girls shoes are more suited to 20-somethings, this patent leather shoes is more suitable for more mature professionals! Patent leather uppers noble and elegant, accompanied by classic metal buckle fixed rectangular bows look more lively, pleasant. Whether it is in the workplace or at a dinner reception is wild on yo! Even to the end of the world I want to be with you. There is a love obsession, there is a character called play.
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">new balance 880 mens</a> While everyone is praising the low-key, spectacularly beautiful should not be neglected. Leopard print elements from last year has been hot in the fashion world, in cement and steel, dressed in Leopard-women like shuttling female Panther in the jungle, with extraordinary and domineering fashion the most acute sense of smell. Candy-colored stands is a fashion industry veteran with pop. Ever since the summer of 2009 rage, has been sought after by thousands of women. With their bright colors and sweet Visual sense, also given designers more and better ideas. Round toe, pink, pink leather uppers to be meat wrapping, looked very cute. If your feet are kind of "Angel" a pair, then try the shoe, flexible comfort will make your feet look pretty and have a rest!

An inherent love of beauty that we did, like secretly wearing MOM's high heels and draw a think that meimei makeup and confidently walked up and down in the room. When I grew up, we changed a pair of shoes and a pair of heels and higher, but Mom's heels are getting shorter, MOM's shoes for less and less. Our growth is mother of youth spending, mother's day, let us give mum a blessing to accompany MOM happy way of life. Remember elementary school when dad bought MOM a pair of purple shoes, MOM, she'd never wear it, but then I realized that it was my mother's favorite color, cool and romantic. I wanted to give her low with this pair of purple shoes, make her relive those sweet moments of joy when he was young, and experience small, simple happiness. Nude for a mother's age, remember the mother's face is very pale colors, however the mo after all of the years nicks in her face, unwitting mother's colour into subtle beige, patent leather fabric reveals light, mother's face glow with different light.

MOM, like a tree, we were like birds in a nest, wind and rain, with trees blocking for us, no matter where we fly, the tree will always be our most warm resting place. Brown flats with trees are generally mellow, butterfly jieti show MOM women's

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soft, soft dough is more comfortable to wear, this gift will impress the Mommy's heart. Remember time staying at Grandma's House for the whole family, Grandma's old family furniture, mostly made of rosewood, pushed the door and when there was an ancient mystery, seems to smell sandalwood fragrance in the air. Decorated in beautiful little bow on the cloud, there's a touch of sadness. I remember as a child, carefree only happy time. MOM stood for a long time in a job, she always wanted to buy a pair of shoes with low shoes, wearing more comfortable. When shopping with my friends, my sight landed on the shop shoes this pair is covered with beaded flowers and increasingly cloudy eyes reminds me of my mother remembered her wearing shoes for me, his eyes covered with a layer of fog, I know that's the power of love.