Letang Lucky To Get A Nomination.

Suter deserves more than anyone this year. Paired with a rookie pretty much all year. cheap jersey Plays tons of minutes in every scenario. Suter should actually run away with it this year. PK runner up.

This year was the last chance for dmen to get their Norris. Karlsson about to win a bunch in a row for the next few years (barring injury of course) cheap jerseys from china Not sure if anyone remembers, but Suter was terrible the first month of the season. I say Letang wins it. cheap nhl jerseys He did miss time with injuries(he always does), but he played enough and well enough to win.

For the guy on here who said Subban is horrible defensively dellas stars jersey, he shouldn't watch hockey anymore. Subban may be a loose cannon, but he's very capable at both ends, and will only get better. Subban is a factor at BOTH ends of the ice, and that is not a good thing. He is awesome offensively and horrible defensively.

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