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Awesome movie!! Could the ending scene be a hint for part 3?!! if kim soo hong really agrees to work with Yeomra, that means he will not be the three grim reapers’ 49th reincarnation soul... soooo the story should goes on... 😏.
I actually knew nothing about korean movies neither watched any of them before until 3years ago after i met a group of koreans in my city and we ended up being friends, while they stayed here we hang out together a lot and some of them proposed to me one day to watch korean movies so they chose A werewolf boy and Miracle in room n 7 i remember crying my heart out that day, it was very sad and heartbreaking, even they cried once again even if they saw it before... And, since that day i became interested and i watched Always on my own and many other movies and dramas :))).

Just saw this. What a plot twist!!! They can make a 3rd one and i hope they do.
O primeiro filme que vi com esse ator que faz o papel do cara que morre foi o My Sassy Girl...isso em 2002 rs mas acho que o filme era de 2001..


Along with the Gods: Fast Download.
Always 😭💔 All of thismovies makes me cry so hard.
Miracle in Cell no.7 Hope A Werewolf Boy Pure Love Always A Moment to Remember .......THANKS SO MUCH for Present.......
Just watching the trailer of cell no. 7 makes me cry. wtf
ich bin schwul und suche einen freund :P
tumchya aaichi gand
I highly recommend Wonderful Nightmare. If you you want an emotional movie with some funny twists. This one is for you♥♥♥.

Where can I watch HOPE cuz I didn't find it here ?! ..... plz can anyone tell me.
Where the vanishing time: A boy who returned?

Astral Free Download Watch Here tamil


Where can i watch the first one? Help please.. :)

grabeh ang ganda

A moment to remember is my fave but this is really a good lost

Live STream Along with the Gods: The Two What "Putlocker Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds" Watch TV Series online Along with the Gods:..

Wowww , que buena película , tiene de todo acción, misterio, drama ; (


Hmm i wish the special effects could be better

loved part 1..... waiting 4next.....from india

Just finished watching part 2. Awesome! I'm in love with hewonmak 🤣

Any one suggest me comedy or stress free movie s

wedding dress my love dont cross that river canola

My annoying brother😢😢😢😢😢

Napanood ko nah..😊😊😊 super ganda... The best 😀😀😀

this is awesome! I loved the first one!

I fricking love Ma dong suk he's such a good actor and he's a badass I don't usually like :uscular guys but I would marry if if I wasn't already married to T.O.P..

Em going through A Werewolf boy
Hope.... i cried a river 😢😢
It was alright. It's still worth a watching but nothing beats the first one.
Donde la puedo ver..????
I'm so excited to watch the part 3 of this.. i already watch the ALONG WITH THE GODS: TWO WORLDS 2017 AND THIS ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE LAST 49 DAYS 2018.... I wonder how the next chapter will go.. please continue for the part 3..very excited to see the story of each characters, the story of those who lives and those human and after they die , the guardians,and the history of the goddess... please please please go for part 3...

One of the greatest films ever made!

Miracle in cell no. 7 is powerful. I even cried just watching the trailer again.
Is this free plss
I am obsessed with the movies! And the visual effects were awesome! They actually make you want to start being a better person because now i am afraid of that wheel. Sloth is my biggest sin..