Home Sweet Home


Two days have passed since I came back to Japan.

After four months of college life, I saw almost no change in my home, my hometown, or even my home country.

I'm leading the same life as I had before leaving here. Well, with some problems in languages...

When I look back at my life in Wesleyan, it becomes somehow blur and is felt like a dream far away. What have I done there? Where has it brought me in these four months?

I feel so weird being here at home, detached from my real life at Wesleyan. I feel weird being in Japan. I have nothing to do here. Well, I'll see my friends and go on a diet and eat and eat and eat.

But there is no community I belong here at home. At Wesleyan, I have no "home," but there IS a community I belong and which I feel is my home.

One month of blank. It will be a long one, but I'm sure it can benefit me in some ways if, and only if I can make use of it.

My life at Wesleyan was too messy. Too random, as many ppl know...

It was a lot of fun and gave me a lot of lessons, well, mainly those about life.

Still, I don't think I should keep leading the same one. No matter what I did, failures in the first semester can be justified. Now, I'm telling myself to change something. Try something new. Be myself. More and more.

Challenge myself. That's the way I have survived. That's the way I have entertained myself.

I'll bring more fun. More smile. More happiness in my mind.

Hoping that will bring happiness to people too.









年末年始を楽しみます!!!WOOOOHOOOOOO ><