ニュージーランドで空間デザイナーをしているアリシアさんのお家にホームステイをすることができました。ニュージーランドの店頭で見かけるサインや装飾の特徴は、シンプルな形から複雑な模様が作り上げられていること。実際にどんなものなのか、アリシアさんのお仕事を通じて紹介します。Kiwis design's feature includes a complex pattern consisting of simple small shapes. I was able to talk to Alicia who works as a sign writer in NZ. I would like to introduce the characteristics of Kiwis designs through her artworks.


This is a beer shop. The shop owner asked her to make the signboard like time had passed. She traced the shapes of these characters on this signboard and painted it as if it were a historical object.


This is a candle stand put together and set up. You can see the simple shapes of squares and triangles in this complex pattern.


This is for promoting new type of shoes for Adidas. Alicia made and put together this display. The mirror reflects the characters, so you may feel energy 'boosting up' from her artwork. The sports wear in NZ gives an impression of a combination of vivid colors, such as blue and orange or yellow and purple, using complementary colors effectively.

Cambridgeテスト、ってご存知ですか?TOEFLやIELTSなど色々な英語の資格がありますが、その多くはスコアを使える期間が限られています(IELTSは2年間)。でもCambridgeは受験レベルに応じて合格か不合格かで判定されるので、一生使える資格なのです。オークランドにある語学学校、Language Internationalでは、特にCambridgeテスト対策のクラスが人気です。

Cambridge exam is one of an international English test like TOEIC and IELTS. But Cambridge exam doesn't have a time limit which we can access so we are able to use results of the test forever. Today I'd like to introduce a popular school for preparing that exam.

info:Languages International

info:cambridge English

Language Internationalは、オークランド大学の目の前。もともと民家だった建物を改装して学校にしているので、アカデミックな空気感の中に、ほっとするような暖かい雰囲気が漂います。

Languages International is located next to Auckland University. There is academic and relaxed atmosphere because the school building is housed in old, historical buildings.


Cambridge course is especially popular for students. This school has that course three times per year and each term is three months. Students can take the Cambridge exam at the end of this course.


It is famous for Japanese students to take the TOEIC exam but for European students like the Swiss and German, Cambridge is main stream. Cambridge consists of speaking,listening,reading and writing and focuses on general English.


In Languages International they have a morning and afternoon class. These are 2 hour classes and the afternoon class finishes at 3 p.m. After the class students can use their free time effectively. This school's students are very friendly and they help each other. I am impressed that they spend their time so actively.
ニュージーランドでは広いリビングに大きなテレビを囲んで、夜ごはんが終わった後に家族みんなでTV番組を見るのが一般的。チャンネルは日本と比べたら少ないですが、ついつい見入ってしまう番組が沢山。芸能人が活躍する番組よりも、特に一般の人が出場するコンペ形式のプログラムが人気です。 In New Zealand people usually watch TV with their family after dinner. There are not so many channels as in Japan but these programs are amazing! It is especially popular for families to watch competition programs which enable ordinary people to take part in this TV show.

info:New Zealand TV guide


MasterChef New Zealand is a competitive reality television cooking show based on the original British version of MasterChef. The series is similar to the format of MasterChef Australia.


Participants must make dishes with a given theme in a limited time. Of course it is important for the viewing public to have a winner, but it is also a part of the attraction of the program for the viewers to listen to the sometimes hilarious comments of the participants, and that the dishes are of high quality.

別のオーディション番組で人気なのが、歌とパフォーマンスを競う「The X factor」。このプログラムの勝者はソニーミュージックエンターテイメント・ニュージーランドと契約ができます。オリジナルはUKでOne directionを生み出したことでも話題になりました。

The X Factor is a New Zealand television reality music competition, originating from the original UK series. The winner will be signed to Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand. One Direction became famous because of this TV program.


5 weeks have already passed since I came to New Zealand. Spending my time with my home stay, I'm getting used to their lifestyle. Today I would like to introduce a characteristic of New Zealanders that surprised me.


Kiwi people don't use an umbrella so much because the weather is constantly changing. If it is sunny, suddenly it changes to rain. It is expressed that there are 'four seasons in a day'.


They prefer to use money on daily, practical stuff like meals, kitchen furniture and outdoor goods than expensive, bland things. There are many TV programs and magazines like that. They choose things which they like and use things for a long time. They don't follow a trend.


They don't often overwork so their lifestyle has a clear contrast of on and off. It is important for them to spend their time with their family. At weekends and holidays they go outside and enjoy their leisure time or watch movies with the whole family.


I interviewed a Japanese student named Aya who attends DynaSpeak. She came to New Zealand because her husband had to move to New Zealand for his work. How did she feel when she left Japan and also how does she feel living in this country now?




When she came to New Zealand, at first she felt nervous because she didn't have any reasons for living in this country. Her husband would only stay here for 2 years so she couldn't get a working visa.

(The front row, second from the left, is Aya.)


But attending a language school made her feel positive. Being a student gave her a purpose for living in this country.

'I could focus on improving my English skills and have school mates. I think it is important for an immigrant to have a purpose for living in abroad.'


Before leaving Japan she thought New Zealand was 'comfortable to live' and 'easy going'. Actually now she has same the opinion (except for the high prices in Auckland). By this country's life style, she can have a more relaxed time than before. She said 'Kiwi people don't depend on fashion. There is free and laid-back atmosphere'.