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Do you know Julian Paul Assange?

He is the kind of man that has been chased by the U.S and Russian governments as a danger hacker. I hadn't known about him when I heard his name at my class.

He is an Australian journalist, publisher and activist on the internet, who is well known for leaking the confidential document about US government as a chief editor of "WikiLeaks".

Julian Assange was and advisory member of the "WikiLeaks" website, which he launched in 2006. When he received news report about the massacre in Kenya, he received the Amnesty International Media Award.

He also has obtained confidential documents on the work procedure manual of US military bases, internal confidentiality concerning the major banks, and confidential documents about the involvement in the war in Iraq in 2010. He also made public a diplomatic confidential document of the US.

He was arrested in London due to suspicion of sexual assault in Sweden, but he ran away to the Ecuadorian Embassy, so he could not be transported to Sweden, and he has been caged in London since ever. Although the budget amount of WikiLeaks is 510,000 dollars as a publisher, it seems that it's impossible to cover Julian's cost of trial and Living expenses.


*publisher 出版社

*confidential document 機密文書

*advisory 顧問

*launch 打ち上げる

*massacre 虐殺

*sexual assault 性的暴行






Harumi Miyahara

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