The Kanto area has had unusual snow this week, and I hope that you are not getting a cold or flu despite the changeable weather.

今週、関東は珍しい積雪に見舞われましたね。 気まぐれな冬の天候ですが、流行りの風邪など召されていませんように。


Because of this coldness I often feel like having a nice cup of tea/coffee, and recently I am quite into something called the Irish tea.




Last December while travelling in England, we had tea at many places (as basically they are really easy to get and taste good).  

After coming back home, my eyes were drawn to one of the tea brands' pages and I ordered one small package of Irish tea, which on arrival instantly and utterly surprised me.




それで帰ってからいろいろな紅茶のページを見ていたところ、隣国アイルランドのIrish Teaに目が引かれて試しに小さな箱をオーダーしてみたら、何かもうその美味しさに驚きで。



Having studied in Ireland before moving to the UK, I had not at the time understood the tea nor its richness, so in a way the years and some kinds of perspectives could make me realise that they had such special mellowness.






Dublin, Ireland (its size being as similar as Hokkaido) 



Irish Tea "Barry's Tea":  http://www.barrystea.ie



Then without a doubt, it became one of my favourite teas to serve.



As for the English tea, there are also great varieties as everybody knows in general, like renowned Fortnum & Mason, Whittard, Twinings etc.



My favourite way of tea is to pour little honey and milk rather than sugar, and that will just make a great combination for the day.