The Other Side of The City Life


Sharing this beautiful view of Shinjuku-ku that I captured from the 6th floor of a building in Shibuya-ku. Yes, these cities are quite close in distance.


I thought, Shinjuku's wide-view has never been so subtle and pleasant. I've always know this city to be very lively and busy, but as I look at this photograph, I realized that ones understanding or judgement about things or situation is always subjective. 


When you're in the inner part of the city, you would see so much happenings going on. There's a non-stop movement of people, cars, businesses, and splendid energy!


But, when I looked from afar, I see stillness, peace, and beauty. See how all elements played together to make an aesthetically pleasant view. I mean, there's no good or bad definiton of how Shinjuku is, the busy inner lifestyle and the peaceful outer view makes this city how it is. Everything about it makes it a perfect piece of the universe.


All is beautiful, if you manage to look at all sides and angles of it. 


Have a lovely day everyone! Throb


Throb L J Lovey dovey