Learning Keigo


I just finished my two year course in learning Japanese language and I could truly attest that Nihonggo was far more challenging compared to learning English.


The language itself has a lot of syllabary and you should also consider that it could differ depending on the person you are talking to.  It could be confusing sometimes.  Thus, learning the basic is utterly essential.


The most difficult part was to learn the Keigo.  What is Keigo? To all of my non-Japanese readers, Keigo is a type of speech where you use to show courtesy to others.  It has three main categories:  the sonkeigo, the respectful language; the kenjogo, the humble or modest language; and teineigo, the polite language.


Working in a Japanese company, you must learn the Keigo most especially the main two which is the sonkeigo and the kenjogo.  Don't be confused though, this kind of speech is not only used in the corporate industry, but also in showing respect to general especially to elders.


Learning Keigo can be easy to anyone, but it really is challenging for me, but it takes a whole lot of patience and confidence.  Japanese is such a fun language to learn and day by day, you will discover the uniqueness and beauty of it.


Image by Giselle's Camera