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  • 28Oct
    • My Favorite TV Showの画像

      My Favorite TV Show

      I always have my day off on Tuesdays.I would describe myself as a homebody. Ever since I was young, I enjoy spending my time in the house.I don't go to parties and even going out. Maybe, I rarely go out and meet friends but not most of the time.Yesterday, I was being a couch potato and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. the whole day.Even though yesterday's weather was nice and warm, I still chose to be a potato!As you may or may not know,Friends is an American TV sitcom, and I love this show so much.I remember back then, when I was young, I used to watch this with my older sister.It's funny how I learned a lot of witty lines from this series.This show never gets old. It's still funny as always!Aya

    • Good Findの画像

      Good Find

      Some people love to shop for clothes. I love to shop for skin care products.I love stopping by at a nearby drugstore and look for interesting products.I have found a new sunblock that may be suitable for me.It's the Shiseido Sunmedic Medicated Sun Protect.This product is paraben and fragrance-free. It also contains no alcohol which is a PLUSfor me.I am excited to try this product. I am currently using the Biore UV Kids, but the product did leave a white cast on the face, and not advisable to use when you are in a hurry. Probably, I will use it only for my body.I hope this sunblock will suit me. I read reviews on some sites and the reviews are neutral. As I said, we each have different skin types. It may work for some people, but we'll see. I'll keep my fingers crossed.Aya

  • 27Oct
    • Yummy Kakigori (Shaved Ice)の画像

      Yummy Kakigori (Shaved Ice)

      For the 5 years I have stayed in Japan, I have never tried having Kakigori.Last week, I got the chance to finally try it and it did not disappoint!It was yummy and refreshing especially when you have it under the heat of the sun.Kakigori is called ice shavings / shaved ice in English. It is a cold dessert with different fruity or milky flavor that you can choose from.It's usually served in summer, or in spring and autumn -as long as the sun is out and the weather is hot.If you haven't had your kakigori this summer, find some ASAP while winter's not officially here yet.LJ

  • 26Oct
    • Hatomugi Crazeの画像

      Hatomugi Craze

      Whenever I use skin care products, I don't usually finish it. I sometimes go from one product to another.I was using hatomugi by Naturie for my body, because my skin is so dry and finally, I finished the whole bottle! YAAAAY! It feels so satisfying and so, from now on, I will try to finish a product as much as possible.Anyway, this product is nice because my skin turned soft and smooth.According to some articles, hatomugi is popular for its hydration capability.A lot of people use this to help treat their acne skin, also for sunburn.I honestly enjoyed the product. HOWEVER, I didn't notice until today that this contains alcohol. As I mentioned from my previous blog, I avoid products that have alcohol in it.I will still use hatomugi as part of my skin care routine, but I will find something that is alcohol-free.Aya

    • Morning Habitの画像

      Morning Habit

      When I use a music app such as Spotify, basically I just listen to songs, most especially to indie folk songs.For me, it's quite calming and relaxing.Recently, I have been listening to podcasts. This is my new hobby.When I commute to work, I used to listen to random playlists and just take a short nap.But now, instead of music, I listen to podcasts. It's fun because I can find a lot of topics that are informative and interesting.I am currently listening to Olena Beley's podcasts.She is very inspirational and she gives a lot of advice; not just only for the skin, but also self-empowerment and being in control of yourself. It's very nice to listen to her talking in the morning. Aside from reading Bible verses, this is also one of the best ways to start my day.Aya

  • 25Oct
    • Mishima Skywalkの画像

      Mishima Skywalk

      My prefered touristy spot that I like to go to is where there's not so much crowd.Mishima Skywalk is just that.This is a relatively new place-to-go where you can enjoy adventure and being in nature at the same time.The best part is, the space is too wide that I would not feel constricted, tight, nor crowded.The place is awesome but not a lot of people know about it.In my opinion, it is because you can only access it by car or a tourbus.I have been here twice now and so far, I do not seem to find a commuter bus that comes and goes.Also, there is no nearby train station, so I feel that the location is a factor for it being less crowded too.Whatever that case may be, I know that I want to go back here again some time soon to try ziplining and play around with their rental segway.I can't wait!LJ

  • 24Oct
    • Coffee Timeの画像

      Coffee Time

      Everytime I arrive at my workplace, I always buy coffee (mostly cold) at a nearby vending machine. One of my favorite things about Japan is that you can just get drinks anytime, anywhere because vending machines are EVERYWHERE.I don't usually go to Starbucks because I have to wait and as I mentioned before, I am not fond of waiting. Also, I just drink black so I don't really need mind and any coffee is okay.But, as much as possible, I always choose this coffee.This is my new favorite coffee. I used to like another brand, but this is much, much better. It isn't as strong as other coffees. It truly is smooth and mild and it doesn't give me any discomforting feeling when I drink it. It's my own version of energy booster!Aya

    • Sunflowersの画像


      One of my dream activities is to see a sunflower field in person!One time, Gerad and I found our way to Mishima Skywalk and my eyes grew large when I saw this row of sunflowers.I got so excited and ran towards it to take a closer look.When I got closer, I realized that they weren't real and made of plastic.I would be disappointed but because they were aesthetically pretty, I let it go and appreciated them instead.Meanwhile, I am back to dreaming about the day when I get to see plenty of sunflowers in person.LJ

    • Skin Care Obsessionの画像

      Skin Care Obsession

      Number one rule is to never ever skip on putting sunscreen.Whether if you have oily skin, it is truly a MUST!Honestly, I am guilty about this. I tend to skip sunscreen because I used to believe that it isn't necessary most especially for young adults. Well, I was SO wrong about this. Regardless of the age, the gender, the skin type, or the season, always put sunscreen every single day.After getting watching a lot of videos about sunscreen, I rushed to the pharmacy to check out some products. There are different types of sunscreen available. My personal favorite is the gel-type sunscreen. I used to use the gel-type sunscreen however, it contains alcohol and I have been avoiding those kinds of products and so gel types aren't for me.Finally, I ended up buying a UV milk for kids.I chose this product because this has no alcohol and I think this product is very mild on the skin. (I hope)It leaves a white cast on the face, but subtly fades away after a few minutes so I don't really mind.Aya

    • IPA Beersの画像

      IPA Beers

      I like drinking beer; especially beerthat are tasty and flavorful.I used to drink regular lager beer and craft beer, until I discovered IPAs.IPA meansIndia pale ale.What I like about it is that I don't only get to choose it's alcohol content percentage;from 4% - 6%, I could also choose from variety of flavors, from light to dark.Whenever I buy beers in convenience stores, I try to find an IPA can, otherwise, I grab a lager.LJ

  • 23Oct
    • Throwback Photoの画像

      Throwback Photo

      I have this habit of enjoying looking at pictures most especially my pictures. I would look at all of my pictures from the very start.A while ago, while I was scanning through my old photos, a sudden feeling of melancholy hits me. I saw a picture that I took while I was on my way back to my hometown.I miss flying back home. I don't like getting on planes, I am scared of it to be honest, but the idea of going back to my hometown is what makes me excited about getting on planes.I was supposed to go back this year and planning to surprise my family but then this pandemic happened. It is such ahassle now to travel outside the country. Aya

    • Last Night's Dinnerの画像

      Last Night's Dinner

      Whenever I feel very lazy, I would go to the convenience store to find something to eat.Sometimes, I would order some food on UberEats.I'm so thankful I am living in this modern world where everything is convenient.Last night, as usual, I got tired and just ordered food on UberEats.My struggle with this app is that it has too many options and it's too difficult to make a decision. (sorry for being such a brat)I ended up choosing Kebab which has a lot of good reviews.It was good,but I still prefer the Kebab that I ate in one of the stores in Ueno. I should probably visit Ueno anytime soon.Aya

  • 22Oct
    • Getting Lost in Numazu

      Last week, Gerad and I went to Numazu area without any detailed destination plans.All we know is that we want to have lunch near the sea. We checked the map and found plenty of restaurants by a place called Numazu Port.We drove down and unexpectedly found wonderful sights. Unknowingly, the area where we chose to have lunch is a sightseeing spot.There is an arcade of seafood restaurants in front of the seaport, and we chose one that's nearest the marina.After lunch, we went around the area and got curious of a building / tower nearby. So we decided to go check it out. It turned out to be an observatory tower where you can get a clear sight of Mt. Fuji, the waters, and the city.Getting lost turned out to be a wonderful experience after all.Below is a video of the escapade that Imade. Have fun watching it!LJ

  • 21Oct
    • My Favorite YouTuber

      I watch different kinds of videos on YouTube.I am super obsessed with skin care and thus, I have been watching a lot of videos related to it.Recently, I have found a Youtuber who knows about skin care. Her name is Olena Beley. She's one of my favorite YouTubers.I learned a lot from her because her content is very informative,such as never ever skip moisturizers in your skin care routine, day and night.Even if you have oily skin, never skip this step.Also, one must wear sunblock for 365 days in a year (yes, that means everyday!)Lastly, avoid putting unnecessary products on your skin such as face oils, eye creams, primers, and so on.I used to be so lazy and passive about my skin but now, I have been keen to it lately.Please check her YouTube channel. You will surely learn a lot from her.https://www.youtube.com/user/lovelysunshiningOlena BeleyHey, thanks for stopping by my channel! Do you have pimples? I sure did! It took that long to improve my situation and feel good in my skin. Now I want to he...www.youtube.comAya

    • Obsessing Over Skin Care

      As I mentionedpreviously, I would try out the face sheet mask that could calm down my irritated skin.Because of the cold, my skin got a little irritated. That's why I tried to update my skin care routine.Anyway, sadly, the face sheet mask didn't work out for me which is commonbecause we do have different skin types.Maybe it works for other people, but it doesn't work for me. Every person's skin is different, so that explains why.But, is it too early to say? Or should I wait a little longer and try again? Probably, both.As we say, patience is a virtue!Aya

  • 20Oct
    • Wine Nightの画像

      Wine Night

      While I was doing grocery shopping, I made up my way to the wine section and at that moment, I instantly decided tohave a wine night because wine(why) not?Caviar is really perfect with wine, and so I bought it together with bread, salami, and cream cheese. Of course, I didn't forget the wine.I'm not a wine expert and so I just picked the one near me. Any wine will do.Voila! This is how I prepared for my wine night.Aya



      Yesterday, I attended a wedding on zoom.Yes! I am nowgetting on the bandwagon of "everything online"-the new normal.My brother-in-law`s sister got married in Davao City, my hometown in the Philippines.Since I cannot fly back to attend in person, I am glad that they initiated a live telecast through zoom.It was a rainy day in Tokyo yesterday, but I get to participate in the lovely wedding in the comfort of my couchThe event went pretty well and everybody seemed very happy,both the online guests and the participants who were at the venue in person.Distance did not stop us from celebrating this wonderful moment with the couple.It was a day full of love and joy, c/o by Zoom.LJ

  • 19Oct
    • My Superhero.の画像

      My Superhero.

      Even though I'm far away from family, I always find ways to talk to my dad. Everyday, he sends me a lot of messages, reminding me to be kind to everyone and also to be extra careful because of thepesky virus.Whenever I have a rough day, he would send me his "dad jokes" and would send me cute pictures of my niece and nephew.He is one of the best. I love him so dearly.Recently, I've been feeling a bit down. Then, this morning he randomly sent me this picture without any message. Just this picture. I didn't really understand it at first, and so I googled "sunrise". It says that sunrise is a symbolof hope, the beginning of a new day and thus a chance for happiness and improvement. From that moment, I realized this is his way of saying, "Do not lose hope."FYI, I didn't tell anything about my problems to my dad.My dad really knows how to cheer me up in his own ways.Aya

    • Yesterday's Yakitoriの画像

      Yesterday's Yakitori

      Yesterday, it was very cold, and strangely, I was craving for some grilled skewers. Fortunately, my boyfriend also wanted to drink out too and so we went to a nearby izakaya.It's funny how I get weird cravings on rainy days.My favorite grilled skewer is liver. Some say it is good for our blood circulation. I don't truly believe it, but I just love it because of its good flavor.What's your favorite grilled skewer?Aya

  • 18Oct
    • Japanese cafeteriaの画像

      Japanese cafeteria

      Shokudo Shokudo --Casual restaurant or cafeteria in Japan. Lately I've been eating out just around my town in Kiyose City. One of the places I keep coming back is a cafeteria called "Miyuki Shokudo". I know it sounds very Japanese , and from the looks of it-total Japanese. By the way, Miyuki Shokudo was featured in the drama series Solitary Gourmet Gourmet of loneliness. There is no English menu here, everything's in hiragana and katakana; lots of Kanji as well. But I usually go with my Japanese friend so it's no biggie. 🥰 The most recent food I ordered was Katsu Kare --fried cutlet curry. Serving in Miyuki Shokudo is mostly massive but reasonably good! I also had chikuwa, and a few yakitori. Shokudo for me feels like a museum of real Japanese comfort food so I always bring my friends in this place. Happy tummy! 💛 💛 💛Kitz 💛 💛 💛