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  • 25Oct
    • Old-Fashioned Hobby

      What are you into these days?If you ask me, I am into playing the game "Sudoku."I used to have a Sudoku book that was given to me by my friend in high school.I remember the old days when I would answer the pages and took me hours to finish one.My teacher even confiscated that book because she caught me not paying attention to her class.(Yes, I was a total nerd in high school.)Call me old-fashioned but I enjoy it.I play this every night while playing classical music.This is actually my new trick when I can't sleep at night.It relaxes me and makes me (actually my brain) tired.Syria

  • 24Oct
    • Calming Effectの画像

      Calming Effect

      Fire can be deadly, dangerous, or destructive;but when used differently, fire can also be calming, relaxing, and grounding.When we're camping, staring at fire is one of the things that you cannot not do.The heat keeps us warm, and its brightness captures our attention.You just have to make sure that you know the technique of burning wood in a firepit,otherwise, the smoke it'll make will certainly make your eyes cry.LJ

    • Discovered a New Vegan UberShopの画像

      Discovered a New Vegan UberShop

      I like Uber.It's very convenient and complements well with my lifestyle.Today, I tried buying from a vegan shop that's in Daikanyama.I ordered vegan lasagna and I really like the taste!The name of the shop is CBD Shop & Cafe.Their packaging is neat and well. I like it.They also have vegan cheesecake on the menu.I will try to get that next time I'd do Uber.LJ

  • 23Oct
    • Exercise Old-school Styleの画像

      Exercise Old-school Style

      One of the interesting things I have seen in Kiyosato, when we went to visit, was this vintage treadmill.I've never really given it a thought that exercise equipment have been around for generations.This treadmill is about 90 years old.It has been kept well up until today.This museum where we saw the treadmill was Mr. Paul Rush's home in Kiyosato.He was considered to be the founding father of this town.LJ

    • Dare to be Joyfulの画像

      Dare to be Joyful

      I came across this post on Instagram and it caught my attention.I like how it reminds me of making sure I am walking on the path of joy all day.So now I am passing the vibe on to you;What 3 beautiful things can you find today?LJ

  • 22Oct
    • Tongue Twisters

      Tongue twisters are phrases that are designed to be difficult to express properly.These are a great way to practice and improve pronunciation and fluency.I remember back then, my sister and I would always play with tongue twisters.The one who could finish a line without any mistakes was the winner.As a kid, I used to be so competitive and so as my sister.Sometimes, we would fight a lot because one of us, mostly me, was a sore loser.One of my favorite tongue twisters is Peter Piper and it goes like this..."Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppersA peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper pickedIf Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppersWhere’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?"This is my sister's favorite one...."How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much woodAs a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood"This one was too hard for me. (I still find it difficult.)"I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch."Tongue twisters are fun. Try it!"I rarely like rolling down the hill."Syria

  • 21Oct
    • The Useless Letters on "Queue"の画像

      The Useless Letters on "Queue"

      Nowadays, we read the word Queue as just "Q",therefore making the succeeding letters "ueue" seemingly useless.The world "Queue" is originally a French word,and in Old French, it was pronounced something like /kewə/ (like kay-wuh) or /køə/,but over time, the pronunciation changed,and now, we pronounce it just like the letter "Q".So, if you ever feel like your life is useless,just think about the "ueue" in "Queue",and maybe you will feel a little better.LJ

  • 20Oct
    • Weird Food Combos

      A while ago, in one of my classes, our topic was about food.I made them answer some of my silly questions and one of it is this....."Tell me a weird food combination."One student said...."Natto goes well with mayonnaise."Another one answered, "Tarako spaghetti goes well with Bulldog (Tonkatsu sauce)."Of course, I also had mine, "Plain bread goes well with ice cream."Not only today but I also asked this question before to my previous classes.I remembered one of them answered, "Tabasco goes well with oysters."Also, "Lemon squeeze goes well with plain yogurt."(I will try eating this tomorrow for breakfast. I'll see if I like it.)I am so amazed how interesting this question is because my students could give me a lot of answers.Can you share yours? I'll wait!Syria

  • 18Oct
    • Feels like winter....

      It's been getting cold recently and I think it's time to get all of my blankets and sweaters out in my closet.Yesterday, it was freezing because of the rain, so I came prepared and brought a jacket.However, I was so surprised by today's weather as it feels like it's already winter.I am even wearing winter-ish outfit today.Why do I feel like we will skip autumn this year?NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAYY!!I am not ready yet for winter.Autumn is my favorite season because of its comfortable temperature and of course autumn leaves.I am looking forward to enjoying the view of the autumn leaves.Syria

  • 17Oct
    • What would you do if....?

      "If you could live without sleeping, how would you spend your night?"I could sleep without any problems.However, I am a light sleeper or someone who wakes up easily.So if I hear a noise or feel something, I immediately wake up and it's hard for me to get back to sleep.That's why I prefer sleeping alone.But whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I will just try to fall asleep.It's hard for me that sometimes I just give up and stare at the ceiling.I found something that could make me fall asleep and that is playing Sudoku with classical music.This is actually my trick to help me feel relaxed (thanks to classical music) and tired (Of course, the Sudoku).However, recently, I have been dreaming of Sudoku for the past two days now.I feel like it's haunting me. Should I stop it?Syria

  • 16Oct
    • TV Show to Binge Watch

      Good news (for me)!My favorite series is back with its new season.I am a huge fan of this original Netflixseries called "YOU."This is one of the most popular series and everyone is super obsessed.It is an American psychological thriller series that is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.I have never read the book, but I have always wanted to read it because I am really impressed by thestoryline.I know it says thriller but it also has some unexpected twists that you'll surely love.Syria

  • 15Oct
    • Thank You Maruetsu (Oat Milk Stock)の画像

      Thank You Maruetsu (Oat Milk Stock)

      Today is a good day!As a (mostly) vegan in Japan, I don't really get to have plenty of grocery food options.But when I went to Maruetsu (in Yoyogi-Uehara) to grab some ready to drink coffee and (as usual) soymilk,I was very glad to see this oat milk option stocked next to the soymilk boxes.When I came back to English Habits, I immediately checked the maker's backgroundIsola Bio, though their HQ is in Italy,is owned by a Netherlands company calledWessanen.All the way from Europe and now it's in Maruetsu!I really appreciate how Tokyo is sincerely trying to provide more and more options for peoplewho are into the plant-based diet (vegan / vegetarian).LJ

  • 14Oct
    • Chocolate Shop in the Alleyの画像

      Chocolate Shop in the Alley

      In Yoyogi-Uehara, there is a tiny alley near the stationthat's been the home of this rustic and charming chocolate shop.It's called MINIMAL, Bean-to-bar Chocolate.They make fresh chocolate products that's eaten and drunk.I always use this alley everytime I go to English Habits;and in most case, if not all, I see people queueing and waiting patiently for their turn to buy.It has gotten me curious so one day, I will try to check their items for saleand if it calls my heart, I will buy some right away.LJ

  • 13Oct
    • Tis The Season... Already?!の画像

      Tis The Season... Already?!

      My mom and sister decided to start put up the Christmas decorations this morning and my dad also installed the outdoor Christmas lightsEveryone in my house is busy preparing for Christmas.If you think it's too soon for holiday decorations, in my country we usually begin putting up in September so this is common for us.Last year's Christmas tree was white one, and this year, they opted for something traditional, so they got a classic green Christmas tree.I remember I celebrated Christmas with my family before my flight to Japan.Christmas, most especially for my family, is very special that's why we are serious about celebrating this holiday.Because of this pesky Covid, it's difficult for me to go back and celebrate this special holiday with my family.I wish I could go back any time soon.Syria

  • 12Oct
    • No Kōyō Yetの画像

      No Kōyō Yet

      It's mid October and the leaves have not changed colors yet.I went to the woods part of town last weekend and saw that the atmosphere is still pretty much green.For some time now, we have noticed a huge weather difference between now and 10 years ago.Perhaps this kōyō schedule change is also part of that bigger restructuring of nature.LJ

  • 11Oct
    • Beatstar = Tap Tap Revolution

      I used to have an iPod touch back then and I would download tons of games.One of my favorite games is the "Tap Tap Revolution."That game was so popular that I let my friends borrow my gadget and would take turns in playing.Then, it has lost its charm and almost everyone has forgotten about it.However.....I found a recent game last night that is identical to Tap Tap Revolution andit's called Beatstar.I was surprised that I am still good at playing such game.I can't wait to introduce this game to my niece. I'm sure she'll be thrilled.Beatstar - Touch Your Music - Apps on Google PlayA brand new way to experience music.play.google.comSyria

  • 10Oct
    • No more clumpy lashes!の画像

      No more clumpy lashes!

      I am into mascara these days.I am using this affordable mascara from Canmake, the Quick Lash Curler.For its price, it really does its job of making my lashes look pretty and could hold it for a long time.However, I hate it when it gets clumpy.I was about to throw my mascara and buy a new one when I saw a Youtuber introduced a product.Good thing I found this Youtuber's channel and found a solution to my problem.So now, I also use a clear mascara from Cezanne to get rid of the clumps.This is also affordable which is so great for people who are on a tight budget.Canmake Quick Lash CurlerCezanne Clear MascaraBoth are inexpensive and have good ratings online.Also, I use the clear mascara for touch-ups.Syria

    • Lunch Time!の画像

      Lunch Time!

      What did you have for lunch today?I went to Maruetsu near English Habits (Yoyogi-Uehara)and got these:Soba and Inari sushi.They're very satisfying!I think it's more of a "vegetarian" option than a "vegan" type because of the dashi from the soba sauce.But oh well, today will be a cheat-day for me then hah!LJ

    • Artsy Tokyoの画像

      Artsy Tokyo

      Whenever I find myself lost in the streets of Tokyo,I can't seem to hide from art.I see it everywhere and I love it!I love how this shop in Lumine (Shinjuku) thought of justscribbling on their roll-up metal door.It was very catchy so I asked a stranger to have my photo taken with it on the background HAH!LJ

  • 09Oct
    • Our Private Movie Theater?の画像

      Our Private Movie Theater?

      Last Tuesday, my boyfriend and I decided to watch a movie.I am a huge fan of horror movies so we chose "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It."Since the movie theater is close to our apartment, we went for the late night movie schedule which was 9:45 p.m.I was so excited because it's been a while since the last time I went to a movie theater.Because everything is back to normal now, we sat next to each other.I know we're supposed to observe social distance, but here's the thing.....No one was in the movie theater that night.It was like our private movie theater. We got the whole place to ourselves.The place was utterly creepy and the horror movie itself added up the creepy vibe.Then the movie started and I got so excited that I forgot we were the only ones inside the cinema.The movie wasn't that scary butgood. Although it was a horror movie, but I was actually touched by that movie.It's definitely one of the must-see film this year!!THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)© 2021 - Warner Bros / HBO Maxwww.youtube.comSyria