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  • 20Nov
    • Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

      Last Sunday, I went to the mall. Since it was on a Sunday, the mall was not that crowded, and I was somewhat comfortable. (I am a socially awkward person). I was roaming around when I saw the poster of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I began contemplating whether I should watch the movie or not. Since, I was a fan of Queen back in high school, I ended up buying a ticket.It was my first time to watch a movie alone in a theater, so I was a bit proud of myself.While watching the movie, it was pure nostalgia. All of the songs of Queen that I know of is in the movie, so I was singing quietly because I couldn’t helpit. As the movie ended, one thing that came up to my mind: the movie is a masterpiece. I adore how the band Queen treated themselves as one, as a family, and how passionate they were as musicians. I was surprised at how experimentalthey were when they made the song Bohemian Rhapsody. They may have had some conflicts, but at the end of the day, they still had each other.To those who haven’t watched this movie yet, I recommend you to buy yourself a ticket because, I swear it will be worth it!Aya


  • 19Nov
    • 駒場東大キャンパスへ~銀杏並木と愉快な仲間たち~

      こんにちは。今日は空気がひんやりしていますみんなで東大キャンパスにお散歩に行きましたスクールから徒歩10~15分くらい。きれいな銀杏並木に、『Wow!!!』と歓声が上がり、早速写真撮影タイムに突入です(笑)さて、そこからしばらく銀杏の匂いの話になりました。銀杏は英語で何というのか、わからなかったのであやちゃんと話しながら携帯で調べていると、『Ginkyo nuts』と判明しました発音が「ギンコウ」なのですが、「ギ」にアクセントがあるそうです。勉強になりました。本日のお目当ては、学食でランチを食べること。お手頃価格で、美味しくて、毎日でも利用したいお腹が空いていたこともあって、ついつい食べ過ぎてしまいました。ご馳走様でしたSayaka

  • 17Nov
    • 揚げたてポテトチップと金沢おでんをつまめる「みのたけ」(千歳船橋)

      小田急線「千歳船橋」駅周辺は、ここ数年で飲食店が増えた街のひとつですちょっと足を運ばずにいると、すぐに新しいお店ができていて、どこもかしこも気になってしまう今回は、表の看板とメニューを見て気になった「みのたけ」さんにお邪魔しました涼しくなると、おでん、食べたくなりますよね。こちらは、金沢おでんのお店だそうです。お通しに出てきたのは、目光の南蛮漬け。とても美味しくできているので、「ここ、当たりかも〜」と期待増メニューを見て気になって注文したのは、揚げたてのポテトチップスのりしおをセレクトですこれ、すごく美味しいです!想像はしていましたが、それ以上に美味白えびの揚げたものは、想像よりも大きくて甘みたっぷりカワハギの肝和えは、「これ、日本酒でしょ」と思わず唸ってしまうようなお味でしたさて、肝心の金沢おでんですが、練り物をあまり使わないのだとか。海老芋とイワシのつみれ、どちらもお出汁の味がしっかりとしていて、とても美味しかったです小田急線沿線の各駅停車駅、どこも温かみがあり個性豊かなお店が多い印象ですスクールのある代々木上原とはまた違った楽しさがあります今回の みのたけさんは、ここを目的にしていたわけではなく、本当に偶然入ったら「良かった」お店なのですが、そんな出会いも大事にしていきたいなと思います。ご馳走様でしたひな

  • 13Nov
    • Weekend Getaway

      Last weekend, I did a little short trip to Atami.The first spot I visited was the Kinomiya Jinja Shrine. Before I even got there, I researched about places to go and this shrine is the top of the list. It is said that this shrine is known for its sacred tree called “Okusu” which is more than 2,000 years old. Of course, I immediately wished my heart out and went around the tree. It is said that it will extend your life and make your wish come true.Since we arrived in Atami around late afternoon, we went straight to our hotel. Our hotel was in the middle of the mountain, so there was no ocean in sight, but a breathtaking view of the mountains from the balcony instead. After dinner, we enjoyed dipping ourselves in a rotenburo, an open-air bath.The next day, we visited the Atami Castle. The castle stands 100 meter above sea level. You can clearly see the panoramic views over Atami Bay. After, we had a couple of beers and just did people watching by the beach.It was my first time to be in Atami and I truly enjoyed my mini vacation.Aya

  • 12Nov
    • 編み物勉強中!


  • 11Nov
    • 上原一丁目ゴミ拾い歳時記5「パッションフルーツがまた実をつけています!」


  • 07Nov
    • Treats from Fukuoka!

      Yesterday, our boss went to Fukuoka for a family matter.He came back and brought something for everybody.It’s Hakata Torimon! I’ve heard this sweets is popular!It’s my first time to try it and I love it.Itadakimasu! oh wait, I already had one!Itadakimashita! haha!

  • 05Nov
    • 秋晴れ!代々木上原


  • 03Nov
    • ぎゅうぎゅうスモークサーモンが嬉しい高原のベーグル「そらとくもと」(代々木上原)


  • 01Nov

      I have a group of friends that I hang out with at least once a month.This bunch of happy people is happy!🤣 ...there's about 5-10 people.One of our friends' crashpad in Kenritsi-daigaku, Yokosuka. It has become ourour go-to place whenever we all feel like unplugging from the big city's fuss. It's a 10-min-walk away from the bay and Umikaze Park, which is awesome!The park by the bay is the best place in that area. It's very convenient to go to and the ambiance can easily helps you get back in touch with nature and destress.If you ever get lost in Yokosuka, try getting lost in that part of town. You wont regret it!And...happiness is always better when it'sshared with friends!On this linke (below) is the short video I made about our weekend getaway in Kenritzudaigaku and Umikaze Park. Enjoy!Link to the video:https://www.facebook.com/Airst0ck/videos/2216440378589530/?modal=admin_todo_tourL J

  • 31Oct
    • Peace

      A wise man once said, "peace of mind" comes when you stop expecting and start accepting.I took this pic a while back in the summer. I was around Hiya park when I came across this garden. I love the zen it gave me. I will visit that garden more often.-Giselle

  • 30Oct
    • New Store in Town

      I live in a town named Kameari. Kameari is famous for its Japanese manga series, “Kochikame,” a story about a police who lives in Kameari. Everytime I mention that town, some people seem to be familiar about it. It's like taking a stroll down to memory lane or I call it, “natsukashii lane.” I’m aware at how known that Japanese manga was, but I didn’t know that it was that famous.Last Sunday, while I was walking around my neighborhood, I found a new store near to my apartment; a milk tea store. My eyes glowed when I discovered this new store. (I mentioned on my previous bloghow obsessed I am with milk tea) I immediately went inside to try their milk tea. The sweetness of the milk tea with tapioca was just right. The best one i've ever tasted. It’s my new favorite milk tea now and it just takes about 2 minutes on foot from my house; now that's a plus. The downside of it was the price. It is a bit pricey for a milk tea. It costs 520 yen for regular size and 570 for large size. But hey, it’s delicious anyway. I think it’s worth it.Rating: 4/5Aya

  • 29Oct
    • 代々木上原商店街ハロウィンイベントに出店しました。

      こんにちは。昨日のハロウィンイベントにイングリッシュハビッツも出店させていただきました残念ながら私はお留守番で当日の賑わいを体験できませんでしたが仮装した可愛いお子さんたちと英語のゲームができてとっても楽しかった、とエルジェイが喜んでいましたジゼルの表情が真剣で、本物の魔女のよう(笑)エルジェイは、名前のイニシャルで「ルイージ」ですって!似合ってます可愛い衣装が着られて、お菓子もたくさんもらえて、子どもたちにはとっても大人気のハロウィンです!皆さんも、一年に一度だけ、仮装して弾けてみませんか?(笑)Halloween is an oppotunity to be really creative.- Judy Gold.-Sayaka

  • 27Oct
    • 女性1人でも入りやすい「カフェ・マンマーノ 」(代々木上原)

      前回までは、お持ち帰りの利用だった、マンマーノ さん。今回は、カフェを利用してみましたできたてのBLTサンドと、カフェオレフランスのラジオ番組かな〜BGMが落ち着きます何を言っているのか、全くわかりませんが。笑フランス語って、落ち着く〜カフェ利用と言いながらも、翌日のパンも購入してしまいました普段は、朝からパン(糖質)を食べることはないのですが、こういうのなら、たまには良いかな代々木上原には、美味しいお店がたくさんあるので、まだまだグルメブログは続きますごちそうさまでしたひな

  • 24Oct
    • Going Korean!

      Last Weekend, I went to Tachikawa to meet up with a friend who lives around that area.We chose to have lunch at a Korean restaurant.The food was very appetizing.We had some Korean Bbq (Samgyeopsal).It was amazingly satiating!

  • 23Oct
    • Reminiscing: My Autumn Trip

      On my previous blog, I talked about my journeys during autumn season and how I was totally in love with it.On previous autumn, I went to Nikko. Together with a friend of mine, we visited one of the famous spots in Nikko which is a theme park located inKinugawa Onsen called “Tobu World Square.”Tobu World Square is a theme park with miniature iconic structures from all over the world.It was an interesting place. Sadly, we couldn’t stay any longer when we got there as it was almost closing time, but I totally enjoyed my time.I wish could go back there any time soon.Aya

  • 22Oct
    • ボキャブラリークラス始まりました!


  • 20Oct
    • ラーメン屋さんと言いつつ 飲み屋さんな「はるばるてい」(経堂)


  • 18Oct

      It's that time of the year: The Fantasy Football League has begun!So Gerad and 11 other guys (from mostly his squadron) were to draft their players for their fantasy football teams. They use an online platform / website to collate their scores.They did a drinking game to determine the drafting order .. and "surprisingly", the seasoned party-drinkers got to pick first! LOLA short information about how the game's rule:Every NFL season, the sports fans are also getting into groups and play their own game Fantasy Football League. Every person forms a team and picks / drafts into their team. Every week, or everytime their chosen players play, The person who gets the highest total score by the end of the season wins. The winner gets the pot-money that every participant's arranged when served as their participation fee.I posted a video on my FB blog page of Gerad and his friends' Draft day, in Iwakuni. You may view it through this link:https://www.facebook.com/Airst0ck/videos/178592936392255/?modal=admin_todo_tourL J

  • 17Oct
    • Trick or Treat at E-Habits!

      Come and and experience Halloween with us!We just decorated our Cafe Lounge for our dear studentsto fully feel the mood of Halloween!Welcome to E-Habits Cafe Lounge!Our interior decorations are on point not forgeting any details!Jack-O Lantern filled with treats!Trick or Treat!




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