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Vampires are lame 
fucking love Milo Ventimiglia !!
Bram would he turning in his grave

THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE - Official Trailer - YouTube

so it wasnt enuf he had all the powers frm heroes nw he's a vamp too! 


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the only good thing about this movie is the lesbian vampire scene 
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who is that Chris, it was shown as Ryan Kennedy but every time i googled it another man was shown with the same date of birth and place which is shown on IMDb now am confused. .
I love Sharon’s voice so much
Peter petrilli!!
'Therapy for a Vampire' a run-of-the-mill comedy - SFGate
Like a hippie vampire flick..:D neat
most song in this movie sang by lil kate...

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Edgar Markov Vampire Tribal - Aggro Redux


don't forget Daybreakers 

this is shitty remake of Embrace of the Vampire starring Alyssa Milano which was much much better and of course Alyssa was way hotter


lol, let me in

Meh, another generic vamp shit. Pass.

a vampire movie about Toreadors by any other name, hm.

Have you watched Stake Land?


Critics Consensus: Therapy for a Vampire should get a few chuckles out of vampire movie fans in search of something new, even if it never quite lives up to its daffy potential..

Does anyone know what the song @ 1:00 is?? I've been looking for it for ages

sex yeah

masquerade blodlines lol

got bored just by watching this long & really boring trailer...

apa tajuk lagu sountrack cerita ni..

Hes pretty LOL:)

Yup mate, he is. The one that can mimic all the powers the others have. The one that is a male nurse in the 1st season.

A Stalker Keeps Breaking Into My Parents’ House
The trailer doesn't seem to do any kind of justice to the film. Now that i've watched it, could be interesting.
this looks like twilight . about the law of vampires .
Another of vampires. Please stop fuck us.
Dracula one of the first vampire stories was a love story. A lot of other vampire stories also have a mix of horror and romance.
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Fucking Linda vs. Homeownership (also Milwaukee "meetup" aka help me move this Saturday).
I've posted elsewhere. I'm 38; wife is 34 (qualifier); son is 3.5. As of this Sunday, my wife completes here 2nd time through of 28 days at her 'sober living community.' There, she did 5 days/week of group, individual and therapy sessions, regular meetings of AA, met weekly with a counselor/case manager and her therapist. 28 days ends Sunday. This will be her second time through. The program is '6 months in length,' at which she steps down to an IOP for 3 days/week (intensive outpatient) from th..

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"Therapy for a Vampire (or, Der Vampir auf der Couch) takes relentless jabs at vampire lore and, most piercing of all, relationships and the vicissitudes of marriage. It does so in an..
Honestly feeling suicidal
so this is basically twilight except bella is the vamp and edward isnt

Muffy the vampire layer.

Men, stupid or otherwise, don't fantasize about vampires. Fanged mouths and cocks don't mix well. You'll understand that when you've been with a man, you chubby adolescent.

It has potential albeit, the music doesn't match and cinematography seems amateurish. I still like the concept and willing to give it a chance!
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Above & Beyond Therapy,Specialist,clinic,Vampire Facial.


just watched it and this movie really suck!
Therapy for a Vampire: Fantasy and Feminism | Horror Movie.
my suggest. Say No!!!!!! ull regret it.
so is this a parody of 50 shades of gray or twilight?

that commercial was way too quick 
i dont know if i could stand this movie but i wanna watch milo.
We can all agree that Vampires need to be merc'd, not adored.
I dunno. I think this movie could have some potential but I'm not convinced by this trailer.
I can't find this movie ..and I want to see it

Therapy for a vampire
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