Notice: I keep on getting comments for Hanyu on my ameba blog, 

but if you like to send your message to him, 

please comment on KOSE ameba blog, not in my personal blog.  


Here is the link for KOSE ameba Blog. 

 I notice several people still comment on my blog page instead of Kose. thanks for the understanding☆



This is how you do it and here is the link! 


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 因みに・・ 昨日は瀬戸内海にいたエコメイトちゃんですが、今日は明石海峡大橋を渡っていた、という目撃情報が寄せられました。 どこいくの~~?


どうやら迷ってる模様です。 無事埼玉にたどり着けますように。 


オヤスミナサイ!!! 追記は以上です! 


また明日★ (海外の子のあっついコメントが見たい方は 是非ここのコメ欄チェックしてみてくださいね~。)









Translation of his voice message:


Hello, everyone . I am Yuzuru Hanyu.

I will deliver to you my daily life and cheery messages to lift you up.

I would be delighted if you could also send me some cheery messages through this blog.

I hope everyone has a lovely day!




Here are the instructions: 
How to comment on this blog:

There is a box marked ”コメントする“ on the bottom of the page.  
Click that & the comment window will open.
The 1st window, “タイトル” = Title
The 2nd window, “コメント” = Comment.  The character limit is 1,000.
The prompt “画像認証” = image authentication (I am not a bot).  Type in the numbers you see.
The last window, “名前” = Name.  
You can type in your name.  You can also add your blog address or your Twitter handle where it says “URL”, & that will show along with your comment.  If you don’t want to add that information, you can leave that blank.
Finally, “利用規約に同意して「投稿する」” - press the green button to submit your comment. 
 You don’t need Ameba ID or anything.  Anyone can comment.



I hope these instructions are easy to follow.  

I’ll translate his interview about becoming an ambassador for Kose Sekkisei later.


But, I’d like to mention that, in the interview, Hanyu said that it makes him proud to represent Japan when someone overseas speaks a few words in Japanese to him - even just a simple greeting.

If you want to use some Japanese words in your comment, here are some examples:

Good morning: Ohayo おはよう
Hello: Konnichiwa こんにちは
Good evening :Konbanwa こんばんは
Thank you: Arigato ありがとう
Do your best!: Ganbatte がんばって
And I love you can leave it as it is I think! 💛💛

Enjoy writing your comments! 

 Let’s send him positive vibes before Worlds!

(And now, you know how to make comment on my blog too★)







Here is the blog that you can make comment to him.








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