Why pay more for this great tire when you can find them for just $40 at Bicycle Everything. They also have models ready for MTB street riding. These are the characteristics that assure a tire that is puncture-proof and durable for long distance cycling. Continentals are consistently among the highest quality tires on the road or trail,and more importantly they are very reasonably priced. electric scooter This is what every bike rider expects whether he's riding to work or she's completing thesecond leg of a triathlon. Depending on the size ' Gatorskin's are available in widths ranging from 23mm to 32mm ' you can use them for commuting, training, or road races. This is a phenomenal deal for an exceptional tire. Cyclists always know there are more challenges before the finish line, and willpower and sheer perseverance are as necessary as a finely-tuned body." Exceptional puncture protection, durable treads, and high performance are what make these tires so highly sought after in the cycling world, as well as among anyone who appreciates quality and durability. A professional cyclist cannot manage miracles on subpar tires. The tread, which was newly designed in 2006, gives you a clean, solid ride. Whether professional or amateur cyclists these tires deliver superior performance at each stage of the race. A serious bicyclist's choice of tire must be practical and, above all, safe. Whether pleasure riding or racing you have a solid base for great riding. One is very little good without the other. Why do pros choose the Ultra Gatorskin, and why do these tires have such high customer ratings? Cyclists will tell you in two words: dependability and performance. What is the Ultra Gatorskin and why is it superior to another road bike tire? The German company calls this their "kilometer king. The Continental Ultra Gatorskin is a top choice, and one that will help conquer that next hill and that next stretch.There are few people who push their bodies and their minds as far as pro cyclists and triathletes. A vital part of the equation has to be the bike itself. Professional cyclists know the benefit of well-engineered and superbly-crafted tires. Make the most of it. When they need the best, cyclists turn to Continental. Other advantages of the road bike tire include a smooth ride, even on broken up concrete, great cornering and a long road life. Reviewers note that the Ultra Gatorskins are not the lightest tires you could find for your bike ' but they are "virtually bulletproof." The tire is made of a formidable carbon black mixture and DuraSkin, an anti-cut fabric. For your Ultra Gatorskins and all of your cycling needs, Bicycle Everything can help you get on the road ' and stay on it ' at a comfortable price.