We CAN Save Earth! Installment 449 |    Steve Walkerの『Save Languages, Save Earth!』

   Steve Walkerの『Save Languages, Save Earth!』






英語学習にジングルズを用いることにより、第二言語(”secondary allophonome”)のみならず、母語(第一言語)の発音を向上させることができるということを、これまで常に読者の方には述べてきました。ジングルズの考えは、母国語話者のように英語を話す能力を身につけさせることです。








今朝のThe Japan News の記事には、佐世保の自治体が“経済活動“を直ちに活性化するための政策が伝えられていました。その内容は、








地球環境保護活動家及びザ ジングルズ開発者



Dear Fellow Earthlings,

   I have always made it obvious to my readers that if they are going to learn English, then the
Jingles will help them supplement their native language pronunciation systems (their primary
allophonomes) with a second system called their "secondary allophonome". The whole idea is
to give them the ability to speak English with nativelike pronunciation.

It is NOT good, however, for a people to replace their community primary allophonome (that is,
the native language of their household, village, country, prefecture, town, city, or country) with
another one to the extent that their primary allophonome comes to be spoken by fewer and
fewer individuals.

   Just ask the speakers of Seneca and Rapa Nui, for whom it is probably too late to stop the
switch to English and Spanish, respectively.

   And there is no need to ask the sole surviving speaker of Yagan, for whom Spanish is now the
only language the bilingual-with-no one-to-speak-with-in-the-mother-tongue is now obliged to speak
as she nears the end of her time on Earth...

   In this morning's "The Japan News" there is an article which puts out the message that the "local
government of Sasebo, Japan" has "swung into action" to make sure that "economic activity" will
suddenly increase with the invitation to Americans from the Sasebo Naval Base to "come into the
city" so that young children can learn "practical English".

Whoa! Hold on here. Hold on here!!!! For one thing, Sasebo's biggest problem is an aging, shrinking
population. Here we see a situation in which English could completely overwhelm Japanese as the
language of the city-->town-->village (as the population shrinks with the shirking of the Japanese people's sense of responsibility to reproduce their numbers -- leading to a concomitant precipitous drop in the number of Japanese speakers in town).

   Sasebo, get your priorities straight!!! Make babies! Don't make English speakers!

Steve Walker
Earthsaver and Jingles Creator