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How would you feel if a massive earthquake hit and your family was separated from you without a means to communicate?

That is exactly what happened last Friday in Pakistan when a 7.7 magnitude earthquake devastated the region. Only there, in the remote villages of the Hindu Kush without modern construction or stringent building codes, buildings simply collapsed and buried thousands beneath the rubble.

And now the survivors need your help!

Can you help provide food, water, and shelter to the people of Pakistan who have lost everything? The earthquake that ripped through the ancient villages of Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountains left people completely exposed to the elements. Rain and hail are coming as winter approaches, and emergency help is needed so badly. Help Mercy Corps save as many people as possible by donating here:

Care2 is working to support the efforts of Mercy Corps relief workers in Pakistan right now. These workers are preparing the first shipments of lifesaving medical supplies for distribution. Mercy Corps has assembled mobile medical teams made up of doctors, nurses and surgeons to provide critical trauma care to those in need.

"It's horrific," says Dr. Arif Noor, a Pakistan-based doctor with Mercy Corps. According to Dr. Noor, many small settlements in the mountain valleys have been completely washed away. Some people are fleeing their leveled villages carrying the dead and wounded with them. Many others are staying behind, unsure of whether missing family members are dead or alive. People are intensely fearful of aftershocks, staying outside in open areas through the winter nights that bring torrential rains and hailstorms.

Care2 partnered with Mercy Corps to provide desperately needed relief to tsunami victims last winter, as well as to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and are proud to be working together once again to bring relief to people in need. Please donate today to support these critical relief efforts.

Mercy Corps is coordinating relief efforts with the United Nations and other relief organizations that are a part of this critical lifesaving response. "This disaster is beyond the scope of one government, or many governments," says Dr. Arif Noor. "Now is the time for the world to join hands and come together with this terrible tragedy." Please help us today by making an immediate donation.

Jenny McKinley
Care2 & ThePetitionSite Team


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 94年にアフリカのルワンダ共和国で起こった大量虐殺事件をテーマにした映画「ホテル・ルワンダ」。本年度オスカー3部門にノミネートされた作品ながら、日本での公開が決まっておらず、公開を求めるファンによる署名運動が展開されていることを以前にもお伝えしたが このほどついに同作の日本公開が決定した。独立系の映画会社メディア・スーツが配給を行い、東京・渋谷のシアターN渋谷にて、正月第2弾映画として公開される。


 なお、署名運動を展開してきた“「ホテル・ルワンダ」日本公開を求める会”代表の水木雄太さんは、「公開に辿り着けたのは、無謀だと言われながらも、結果を信じ続けていたスタッフ、署名協力してくださった皆さん、そして、雑誌やサイトなどで取り上げていただいた皆さんなど、関わったすべての人の力の結晶。本当に感謝しています」と喜びのコメントを寄せてくれた。ファンの働きかけが公開実現の一翼を担ったムーブメント、果たして「大ヒット」という結果が出るか? 今後に注目したい。






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