A Road Trip During Golden Week


During Golden Week, I went on vacation. It was a road trip. A road trip is a long vacation in a car.

For a long time, I have wanted to visit Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture. It is a World Heritage Site. It is also the location of the anime When They Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に).

I met my friend at Takibe station, and our journey began. We went north-east. We stopped in Nagato and Hagi for food. We slept in the car in Tottori prefecture.

The next day, we continued toward Gifu. We stopped at different places, and saw many interesting things. Eventually we arrived at our destination, Shirakawa-go.

We arrived at the service station (道の駅) as the shops were closing. However, we still bought some souvenirs. We took a walk around the village, but we made a mistake.

There are two parts of Shirakawa-go. There is the famous part where tourists go, and there is the normal village where people live. We went to the normal part. I want to go back some day and see the famous part.

We slept in a karaoke booth. In the morning, we went toward Kansai.

I love Osaka! A few years ago, I was an exchange student who lived in Osaka. I looked at all the places I went when I was a student. It was fantastic. My friend went back to Fukuoka on a Shinkansen. I continued the road trip alone.

I went to a batting center in Umeda. They also had basketball, football, and a flying disc game. I won a prize on the flying disc game. I was very happy.

I was sad to leave Osaka, but I had to go to Kobe. I like Kobe. I was an exchange student at Konan University! I went there and met some of my old teachers.

In Kobe I met some of my old friends. We talked a lot and drank coffee. It felt really good to catch up with them.

I crossed a large bridge and went toward Shikoku. I saw a huge ferris wheel at a service station. I was very surprised.

I drove through a town called Naruto and slept in the car.

I went across Shikoku to the west coast. I have some friends who live there, so I went to visit them. It took a long time to cross the island, but I saw many interesting things.


On the last day of my vacation, I tried to take a ferry from Matsuyama to Yamaguchi. I didn't know how to take a ferry. I was very worried. But somehow I managed to buy a ticket. I think I must study Japanese more.

I drove back to Takibe and went to bed. The next day I went to Kokura by train. There I saw a cat outside McDonalds. It was vvery cute.