Back from Tokyo

Hi everybody!

I'm back in Shimonoseki. My trip to Tokyo was a lot of fun, and I'd like to show you some more pictures.

Last time I said that I went to Washinomiya Shrine in Saitama. Here is my picture of the entrance. You can see it in the anime, Lucky Star.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-washinomiya

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-luckystar

This is a picture of the Sky Tree. You can see it from Asakusa. I saw the Sky Tree everyday.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-skytree

This is the Diet. A lot of important decisions are made here. Do you know Japan's Prime Minister? In the UK we have a Prime Minister too. His name is David Cameron.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-diet

If you want to become a politician, you should go to a good university. This is Tokyo University. It's very famous.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-tokyou

When I went to Akihabara, I had a lot of fun. I ate curry that looks like a cat! It's called "Great Cat Curry".

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-catcurry

I went to the Imperial Palace, but the gardens were closed. I took this panoramic picture from outside.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-panoramic

This broken urinal was at the palace too. The way tape is used is very funny.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-urinal

A friend and I went to a trick art show. I caught a penguin!

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-penguin

I became a ninja.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-ninja

My hand was eaten.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-handeaten

A monster stole my hat.

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-monster

I was captured by a vampire!

Welcome to Darlo's Diary!-captured

If you go to Tokyo, you should see this art show.

See you next time.